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thanksgiving and request for prayers

Posted by carlo 3029 days ago In The News|
first of all i'd like to thank God for sparing us during the big flood that occurred in the Philippines recently. We had food and we were warm while others were stuck on their roofs in the rain. Even a week after the typhoon, there are still a lot of people suffering, please join me in praying for them. Read More
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Posted by elle 3029 days ago Travel|
pl. pray that n doesnt travel this week and for his deliverance from alcohol, women, tongue lashing be ceased Read More
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Pray for Gift of Holy Spirit and Godly Vision for Purna Subba

Posted by purna 3029 days ago Relationships| web
Please pray for Purna Subba for receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and also for the vision of God to be empoered in his life. Also pray so that he will have a controlled and disciplined life with humbleness and purity in physical, spiritual and mental life. Read More
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Bless my family

Posted by alytle 3029 days ago General|
I know my family is blessed already, but I am requesting prayers in hope that we will not be homeless...I am requesting that someone please pray for my family...We may not have a place to live at the end of the month. My landlord is making us move so that she can move back into the house, we have been looking but in this economy it is very hard and everyone wants good credit to rent you anything Read More
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i desire a possible relationship with someone

Posted by crislissa 3029 days ago Relationships|
Please pray for this man that i like to speak to me again. i said something bad to him and even after i sent an apology email he still hasnt replied... please pray that we become friends again. i miss talking with him so much. i would also like to have a relationship with him. so please pray that we would be together as a couple in a loving caring trusting relationship. thANKing you all in advanc Read More
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Healing for Simon

Posted by jillhenning 3029 days ago Health|
Please pray for a lovely young 19 year old man Simon. He suffers from bipolar depression and has got himslef involved with a young lady and her family, who drink and take drugs and abuse him. They are violent and he is becoming part of their sad and evil ways. He is misguided and does not know what he is doing. Please pray that he can leave this group of people and go home to his loving family. I Read More
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Healing of my son Dave Andrews

Posted by Bambi 3029 days ago Children| for healing
Please pray for the healing of my 9 yr old son, Dave. My son ïs suffering from a mysterious attack in the morning characterized by stiffening, blank stare and blockage of breathing. He was already examined by pulmonologist, cardiologist, neurologist, and sleep doctor but none of them was able to identify his condition. I put my full trust to the ultimate healer...God. Read More
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My pregnancy

Posted by Brenda 3029 days ago Children|
I'm requesting prayers for my pregancy to be a success until I give birth. I have been receiving threats from my partners ex cursing us not to have a child. I'm 3and half months pregnant. Read More
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Pray for Geoffrey Payne's - He Died last week

Posted by memo9 3030 days ago In The News| geoffrey payne payne family prayer
Geoffrey Payne, a 21-year-old sheet metal worker, died in Wellington Hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Saturday morning he was driving when he crashed through bridge railings into a Stream. His two male passengers, aged 19 and 20, suffered minor injuries. He was the sober driver, but fell asleep at the wheel. Read More
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Jesus Help me or Kill me....

Posted by sunnyemmanuel 3030 days ago Money|
I am in great difficulty and my family is depending on me. I have to clear 11 lac rupees of debts or i am gonna die. I have prayed a lot but nothing seems to be happening. Please pray so that God can help me come out or kill me in this situation. I cant see my son grow up in debts as I did. Thank you. Read More
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