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Susan Buccowich fighting brain cancer

Posted by m2a 3034 days ago Health| chemo cancer glioblastoma brain
Please pray for Susan Buccowich in her fight with Glioblastoma brain cancer. She is on her third round of chemotherapy and needs all our prayers and thoughts. Read More
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17 Prayers Pray!

10 year old Rhys Johnson dies after being injured by air gun

Posted by m2a 3034 days ago Children| air gun rhys johnson england — Please pray for 10 year old Rhys Johnson, his family and friends to help cope with his loss. He died after being accidentally shot with an air gun by his 12 year old friend.

Rhys's sister, Ashleigh paid tribute to him by saying "Words cannot describe how much we will miss Rhys, our hearts are broken and he will always be in our thoughts. I will miss you, you will never be forgotten, Read More
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Van full of Bees Crashes - Swarms Sting Rescue Workers

Posted by memo9 3036 days ago In The News| bees turkey crash

Please pray for the people injured in Turkey, when a van carrying beehives crashed into a truck on Monday. Huge swarms of bees stung the injured and rescue workers.

Roughly 20 people were taken to hospitals, six of them injured in the crash and the others were rescue workers who were stung.

One of the crash victims later died. Doctors were unsure if it was the accident Read More
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Philippines tropical storm hit - 106 dead / missing

Posted by clj 3037 days ago In The News| philippines flood storm

At least 83 people were killed and dozens are still missing after a tropical storm swept through the northern Philippines over the weekend. Please pray that the missing are found, and that the city can recover. Please also pray for the friends and family of the victims. Read More
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US military deaths in Afghanistan region up to 769 - need prayers.

Posted by clj 3038 days ago In The News| military afghanistan
Please pray for the families of the 769 people who have died so far in Afghanistan. Dear God, please protect our military watch over them. Read More
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Pray that my sons and daughter are safe in their travels

Posted by anne 3038 days ago Travel| traveling safety prayer
Please pray that my children are safe when they travel. My son is an artist and travels frequently all over the world. Next week he is going to Russia and will be there for a month. Read More
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Teenage Boy Derrion Albert Beat to Death - Chicago

Posted by mike 3038 days ago Children| derrion albert derrionalbert teenager chicago
Please pray for the friends and family of the teenage boy (Derrion Albert) who was beat/killed during a fight between dozens of boys. He was an honor roll student and known for his love of computers. Read More
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Pray for those who suffer from Financial Difficulties

Posted by mike 3039 days ago Money| financial struggles finances
Please pray for all of those folks out there who are suffering from financial difficulties. Please let them trust in you god to help them through tough times. Read More
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Pray for Coworker with Relationship issues

Posted by mike 3039 days ago Relationships| coworker boyfriend
Please pray for a coworker of mine who seems to be having ongoing boyfriend issues. She is pretty emotional every day, so it's really weighing heavy on her. Read More
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Baltimore child dies of swine flu (h1n1)

Posted by clj 3039 days ago Children| swine flu h1n1 child
Please pray for the family of the Baltimore-area child that died from the swine flu today. It was the first youth death in Maryland.

Please pray that the swine flu vaccine can be ready and distributed quick to stop this from spreading. Read More
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