Join and stand in prayer as one

Join and stand in prayer as one
Created by Nazike On Nov, 4 2010
belive its done in JESUS's name,the WILL of the Lord will not take you where his GRACE will not protect You.Jesus is calling you,LOVE him and have faith,love him more than the thing you long for most
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Four More US Soldiers killed in Afgahnistan

Posted by memo9 3046 days ago In The News| prayer request us military deaths
Two US service members were killed and two died of wounds sustained in a single improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan.

Please pray for the safety of the US Military and for the family and friends of the soldiers that were killed. Read More
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7 year old girl, Somer Thompson, found dead in a Georgia Landfill

Posted by mike 3038 days ago Children| somer thompson mistreated child prayer

On Thursday, after three days of disappearance, Somer Thompson, was found dead in Georgia landfill. The 7 years old child was going to school on Monday when she disappeared. There was a vacant house the Somer Thompson home. Investigators believe that the kidnappers kept her there for three days and after that they killed her and threw on garbage landfill.

Please pray for her family and pray Read More
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Exam on Friday

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3027 days ago Career| exam stress
Please pray for me. i am writing my first exam on friday and i really need to pass. Read More
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World AIDS Day 12/1 - Please Pray

Posted by frank909 3001 days ago Health| aids world aids day prayer request pray

World AIDS day is this Tuesday, 12/1. We should pray for all of those who suffer from the disease and the impact of those around them with the AIDS disease. Here are the stats from ...

Read More
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