pray for sick and ill people

pray for sick and ill people
Created by Jesussaviour On Dec, 7 2009
hi brother and sister please stand with me for pray of ill and sick people that JEsus heal them and they become Jesus"s family members and can give thanks to our saviour Who shed HIs blood for our healing for our solvation fro our enternal life. thanks MAy JEsus bless you.
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Fake Bus Driver Attempts to Abduct Children

Posted by memo9 3052 days ago Children| fake bus driver prayer request kids
Earlier today, a fake bus driver attempted to abduct several young kids. The Willow River Elementary School kids were waiting for the morning bus to take them to school when a grey-haired woman driving a short, plain yellow bus stopped.

Please pray that the police can catch this woman. Read More
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Addison family (Mother/Father/2 Children) Found Dead

Posted by memo9 3011 days ago In The News| addison family family death prayer
An Addison family found shot dead in their west suburban home Wednesday. It looks like it was a triple-murder/family suicide. The family was under financial stress after the father recently had lost his job. The mother of the family had also ....
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4-year-old Boy Killed by a stray bullet at Church

Posted by mike 2970 days ago Children| marquel peters child killed at church
Marquel Peters, a 4-year-old boy attending the Church of God of Prophecy, was killed by a stray bullet that came through the roof of a church on New Year’s Eve. Marquel was sitting next to his mother when the bullet hit him. He collapsed on the floor, bleeding, and was taken to hospital where he later died.

Please pray for the family and friends of Marquel Peters who are dealing with this dif Read More
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The Haitians need our Prayers!!!

Posted by mike 2960 days ago In The News| haitian haiti prayers prayers for haiti

Besides food and medical attention... the Haitians really need our Prayers. Please offer your prayers for all of those in need. Please pray that the people still buried are found and found alive. Please pray that help and supplies arrive ...
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