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School Bus in Idaho Wrecks - 1 Dead, Dozens Injured

Posted by frank909 3053 days ago Children| school bus wreck idaho bus accident
A school bus wrecked on its way home from a band competition in Idaho. The band instructor was killed and dozens of students were injured.

Please pray for the injured students and the family and friends of the band leader. Please also pray for the rest of the school who must get by this terribly tragedy during the school year. Read More
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Family injured by rock fall (Parents in serious condition)

Posted by frank909 3056 days ago Children| family injured prayer request

Two parents were seriously injured when they and their young children (ages 7 & 8) were struck by a rock fall at a popular south coast beach (Jurassic Coast).

The mother, who has not been named, had to be airlifted by helicopter immediately after suffering serious multiple injuries to her spine and hip. The father suffered severe head injuries and their children had also been struck by debris Read More
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8 injured (including 6 school children) in Tirupur India

Posted by frank909 3060 days ago Children| tirupur india
Eight persons, including six school children, were injured when a steam boiler exploded at a private rice mill in Tirupur, India. Please pray for their quick and full recovery. Read More
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please help me pray for my daughter

Posted by glenda 3061 days ago Children|
Please help me pray for my 12 year old daughter that she be healed by the Lord. She has a violent streak.May God calm her heart and heal her mind.May she be a daughter of peace and love.Thank you so much for all your prayers... Read More
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salvation of son

Posted by cheryld 3061 days ago Children|
Please pray for the salvation and deliverance of my son Justin. Read More
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Healing of my son Dave Andrews

Posted by Bambi 3062 days ago Children| for healing
Please pray for the healing of my 9 yr old son, Dave. My son ïs suffering from a mysterious attack in the morning characterized by stiffening, blank stare and blockage of breathing. He was already examined by pulmonologist, cardiologist, neurologist, and sleep doctor but none of them was able to identify his condition. I put my full trust to the ultimate healer...God. Read More
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My pregnancy

Posted by Brenda 3062 days ago Children|
I'm requesting prayers for my pregancy to be a success until I give birth. I have been receiving threats from my partners ex cursing us not to have a child. I'm 3and half months pregnant. Read More
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Me i am having trubbel geting up in the morning

Posted by Rex 3063 days ago Children|
well i need prayer because i can't get up in the morning and get to school on time i am 16 years old and i need payed for because i have the government in my life and they are threatening me to take me away and i do not know what to do and nether dose my mom so mom as poor as we are trays to get me in teen challenge but it is $1,11500$ dollars to get me in but my mom makes a $650$ dollars check Read More
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10 year old Rhys Johnson dies after being injured by air gun

Posted by m2a 3067 days ago Children| air gun rhys johnson england — Please pray for 10 year old Rhys Johnson, his family and friends to help cope with his loss. He died after being accidentally shot with an air gun by his 12 year old friend.

Rhys's sister, Ashleigh paid tribute to him by saying "Words cannot describe how much we will miss Rhys, our hearts are broken and he will always be in our thoughts. I will miss you, you will never be forgotten, Read More
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Teenage Boy Derrion Albert Beat to Death - Chicago

Posted by mike 3071 days ago Children| derrion albert derrionalbert teenager chicago
Please pray for the friends and family of the teenage boy (Derrion Albert) who was beat/killed during a fight between dozens of boys. He was an honor roll student and known for his love of computers. Read More
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