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Baltimore child dies of swine flu (h1n1)

Posted by clj 3072 days ago Children| swine flu h1n1 child
Please pray for the family of the Baltimore-area child that died from the swine flu today. It was the first youth death in Maryland.

Please pray that the swine flu vaccine can be ready and distributed quick to stop this from spreading. Read More
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Please pray that my son is selected for the Robotics Club at school.

Posted by memo9 3073 days ago Children|
Hi. I really want my son to be selected to be in the robotics club at his school. It is a lottery and they are picking 10 kids out of the whole school. I think he would really enjoy it, so would appreciate any ones prayers. Thanks. Read More
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3 year old Pulls 27 tv down on herself and dies

Posted by mike 3073 days ago Children| kids phoenix child tv — Please pray for the family of the 3 year old in Phoenix who was killed when she pulled a 27 inch TV down on herself. Her young, 17-year-old parents were performing CPR on her when police arrived.
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Please pray for 3 year old Jay

Posted by mike 3075 days ago Children| brain cancer health kids — Please pray for Jay. He is 3 years old. He has been battling brain cancer since May 2008. Read More
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15 mos. old Maddie Reynolds

Posted by mike 3075 days ago Children| leukemia kids
Please pray for 15 mos. old Maddie Reynolds. She was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is going through 6 straight days of chemo. Please pray for her comfort during this ordeal. Read More
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