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financial stability

Posted by glenda 3055 days ago Money|
Praises to you, Lord! My family right now is having problems in our finances-it seems that whatever we do we can't just have ends meet.Pray that we may be able to pay all our debts and be able to send our kids to school, thank you all...thank YOU LORD!! Read More
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8 Prayers Pray!

Need financial security

Posted by Hummingbird 3056 days ago Money|
Please say a prayer for me I took care of my Mom for 9 years, she died very recently, and I could only work part time so that I could take care of my Mom. Now I am struggling to find employment and in financial trouble. Please pray that I can find employment and a miracle to help my immediate financial situation.Please pray with me. Read More
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8 Prayers Pray!

Im praying for a life patrner. im also praying for a financial breakthtough to ease my financial burden and a new job

Posted by Nyiha 3056 days ago Money|
I'm praying for a life partner, a financial breakthrough and a new job related to what I'm currently studying. Read More
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8 Prayers Pray!

Prayer for financial blessing for my brother Varkey

Posted by ajucini 3056 days ago Money|
Please pray for my brother who is in need of US$ 700000/- immediately before 15th October 2009. he is in a desperate situation Read More
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need stability and finacial relief for our family

Posted by BillieSeals 3056 days ago Money|
Please pray for my husband and I and our 7 children. Money is few and far between for us and we have to choose between having basic utilities and putting food on the table more and more these days. Please pray for us we need gods help he is the only one who can help us now. Read More
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8 Prayers Pray!

Financial Deliverance

Posted by jackienaicker 3057 days ago Money| distraught and in need
Pleas pray for me and my family. We are in desperate need of financial salvation. I fear that we may soon lose our house and all we have. Thank you. Read More
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Financial Assistance

Posted by Bambi 3058 days ago Money|
I pray to God that I find ways to settle my financial obligations. In the midst of huge debt, I still have to support the needs of my family. I am in the brink of giving up...yet my faith is keeping me stand and children need me most at this time. Please pray with me. Read More
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Jesus Help me or Kill me....

Posted by sunnyemmanuel 3059 days ago Money|
I am in great difficulty and my family is depending on me. I have to clear 11 lac rupees of debts or i am gonna die. I have prayed a lot but nothing seems to be happening. Please pray so that God can help me come out or kill me in this situation. I cant see my son grow up in debts as I did. Thank you. Read More
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Pray for those who suffer from Financial Difficulties

Posted by mike 3068 days ago Money| financial struggles finances
Please pray for all of those folks out there who are suffering from financial difficulties. Please let them trust in you god to help them through tough times. Read More
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Open doors for a good job

Posted by dorajoan 3058 days ago Money| jobs
I lost my job due to injustice at work three weeks ago. I ask that God bring good out of this injustice, and supply me with a better job - a good paying job where my gifts and education can be used. Open doors by the power of the Holy Spirit to get me into the right job. In Jesus' name, I pray. amen. Read More
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