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trying to raise a cecilia

Posted by williamkeeley 2737 days ago Children|
I am asking god for forgiveness for my actions that forced my the women i love and 10 month old daughter to leave me.
i am trying harder then i have ever tryed in my life to be stronger smarter and a better father.
im trying to change my anger issues so i can raise my daughter in a safe loving envierment. i would do anything to have my family back Read More
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daughter needs prayer

Posted by stickelru 2798 days ago Children| daughter
Please pray for my daughter, Katie. She is going through a difficult time and not making good choices. Please pray that she will find her way and follow God's will for her life. Read More
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my daughter is dying

Posted by rhinoplanet 2774 days ago Children| daughter cancer
Pray that my daughter's bleeding of the brain stops, that she awakens,
and cure her leukemia.
God bless you,
robert Read More
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Healing for my daughter

Posted by NeedYourGrace 2800 days ago Children| daughter's healing
Please help me pray for my daughter who will be receiving medical reports this week. Please pray she will be healed and all reports will be good. Please pray she will be restored to good health in the name of Jesus. Please that by God's mighty and loving hand she will be healed restored and made whole. I pray the grace of the Holy spirit will touch her body, mind and souls. Praise and honor Read More
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lord have mercy

Posted by joyalegriadich 2801 days ago Children| son's addiction
Lord,I beg you to keep my son away from evil people and influences. Please give us your warm embrace so we will be safe from dangers, sickness and evil spirits. Lord, give us the strength and let us live a life with You. Read More
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my daughter

Posted by motheroftwo 2825 days ago Children| daughter lost confused addiction
I would like to ask the Lord to bless my daughter. She is at lost right now. She is confused and despaired. She needs strength and wisdom and comfort to get her through this rough time. Please help her find her true-self and happiness before she is destroyed. She needs the blessing from God. Please keep her in your prays. Her name is Jackie. I love her so much, however, I could not get th Read More
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Please Pray

Posted by chaitanyasundeep 2847 days ago Children|
One of My Uncle's wife is Going to give birth to a child please pray as this is seventh time,all the six babies died immediately after birth ,Now she is on her operation bed please Do pray that this time god will give grace and protection for her and the child.Thank you Read More
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My daughter

Posted by bugs 2882 days ago Children|
This may seem like a frivolous prayer, but my daughter is a finalist for a full scholarship at Duke and she finds out today. She desperately wants to go tocollege there, but cannot go if she does not get this scholarship. Please pray for God's will and for her and our peace no matter what the decision. Thank you. Read More
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Son Questioning His Sexuality

Posted by edwardwise10 2883 days ago Children| son gay identity confusion
16yr old son is feeling extremely loney and alienated and now believes he may be gay. Please pray that God will nenew his mind and heal his emotional state. that God will subside these attractions and bring him in alignment with His Word. Read More
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Posted by josejuanzepeda 2879 days ago Children| baby critical condition dying
Please pray for Ariana Luna, She's a beautiful one year old baby in critical condition in the hospital. Please pray for her. Please pray for her recuperation. Please pray for her to be healed. Please play for her to be blessed and put back to normal.

Amen Read More
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