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Posted by desi 2781 days ago Money| cursed financially
for more than two years.We try so hard to stay positive and trust God 100% of the time but when one thing after another fails, go wrong.. not small petty things, but serious relationship problems, infidelity, innocently being locked up, vehicle brake downs (every time along the road) with the repair costs into the thousands, being pursuit by people in a foreign country because we are ex-pats and Read More
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financial matter

Posted by jingjing 2861 days ago Money|
i need to pay my debts but my money is insufficient.I hope an unexpected money will come.please pray for me thanks Read More
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Posted by pwall97 2847 days ago Money|
am 26 years old cant seem to get nothing right in my life have no job no car no money when i waqs 17 years old i decided to go the wrog route in life did drugs messed with the wrong people had to run from the cops for 7 years skipping town ran from state to state god did great things for me to let me know he was there and i ha moments in my life where i just wanted to kill my self nothing i did w Read More
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Posted by magenta 2898 days ago Money| employment finances
Dear Lord, I need to find a job in my field in the next 2 weeks or I will lose my car and will be evicted from my home. I have no where to turn to if this scenario plays out. I don't like to sound desperate but, please Lord, I need to find a job and soon. I've been unemployed for 2 months and I have no more money to pay for bills and rent. I pray that I have a job interview with a company in Read More
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urgent request

Posted by p54tan 2910 days ago Money|
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need God’s help urgently. Please intercede for us that God will send us money soonest possible to settle house rent and utilities bills which are already overdue. I’ve just given out some flyers yesterday. Please pray that God will touch the hearts of all who read to send their children to us for tuition. My wife and I are self-employed home tuto Read More
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Finances, Marriage

Posted by JustKevin 2917 days ago Money| money marriage relationship
Please pray that I may get my finances in order. It is putting a tremendous strain on my marriage. Please pray that my wife may have the patience and forgiveness to see us through this and realize her part in the situation. Please pray that she will want to work on and fix the things about our relationship and about herself. Also pray that God finds his way into her heart. Read More
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Debt Cancellation & Funds for bulding own dream home

Posted by ggumaba 2930 days ago Money| debt
please pray for our debt problem. we have bead credit record with banks. Can't get a housing loan to build our dream home. pray for finance to build our home and for debt cancellation. Read More
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a job

Posted by juwitonze 2943 days ago Money|
please join in prayer to find a job that will help me pay my rent and also be able to go back to school soon. thank you so much.
God my situation is bigger than me pliz help me i cant do it without you. Read More
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Relief from financal burden

Posted by rishi 2948 days ago Money|

I am PRIYA.My husband is a software engineer.I have 2 is 2 year old boy and another one is 5 month girl baby.
I am not working.I am staying in my brother house with 2 kids .My husband is working in abudabi right now.his job faces troubles in his client
side.he has a fear of job security.please Pray for his job extends some years and he will get salary without stop or f Read More
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Posted by sarah222 2942 days ago Money|
praise God.

stand with me in prayer am trusting God for a life time partner in marriage am 37 year single also stuggling fianacialy i need a miracle .

your in christ.

sarah Read More
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