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Pet cat to come home

Posted by Maryka 2986 days ago Pets| pets
Please help us pray for Mau Mau to find his way home. .. He has been wandering around for almost four weeks now and we are very worried and missing the cat son..Please help pray for the Lord to help him come home.. For only God has the power to do miracles. Read More
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Please pray for my puppy

Posted by jayrockslfie 3000 days ago Pets| dale puppy dog fever auto immune

Please pray for my dog, Dale. She hasn't eaten since at least Friday and she's been running a fever. The vet thinks it she may be auto immune so we're going to try putting her on the steroids to help her. We don't have the money to go to help her if its something worse. Read More
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missing puppy

Posted by kathymc 3004 days ago Pets| male puppy jumped from vehicle today
Please pray for my family as one of our members is missing. Our dachshund puppy "Herschel" jumped from our vehicle today while we were going to the park. We cannot find any evidence of him and are praying he is safe and not suffering tonight. Read More
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for our family's doggy

Posted by lalit 3021 days ago Pets| rabbies
dear god, thnk u for evrythng tht u ve given 2 us,as u know now a days zubee(our pet) is suffering frm rabbies &doctrs have said tht its difficult 2 save him, but we know u r the mighty god ,& can do every thing,so please loving god save him because it has brought drop of sadness in our eyes which u do not want ,please god he is like our family member,plzz god
in the name of jesus ,our go Read More
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i hope that my dog leo is being taken care of.

Posted by 158 3030 days ago Pets| dog pet safe
please lord wherever he is please let him be happy full clean not scared and safe. he is such a great dog i just couldn't take him where I've moved to and i made the absolute wrong choice for where he should of went please forgive me lord and keep him safe. Read More
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10 week puppy sick with parvo shots too close together

Posted by arc777 3039 days ago Pets|
Praying for healing for an adorable shih tzu puppy I to a very nice older lady who had recently lost her pet. It would be crushing for her to lose 2 in a row. It is at the vets right now receiving treatment. I pray with all my heart for Bella, the puppy's, healing. Read More
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classmates dying dog

Posted by Sheila 3046 days ago Pets| dog kidney failure
Angie's 7 yr old dog has kidney failure and the family is trying to make the decision to stop the suffering. We all know that God can heal the dog. Another family member is also ill and in the hosptial. There is just more and more worries and stress adding up for this family. Please pray for the dog and the whole family. Read More
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2 year old puppy Muffy has chronic stomach infection

Posted by Anugrah 3054 days ago Pets| dog stomach infection puppy
Please pray for my dog. He is 2 years old. He is suffering from some chronic stomach infection for the last one year. Even the vets do not know what to do?

Everyone is saying that he will not survive. but I firmly believe that only God can heal him. please do remember him in your prayers His name in muffy... lives in Aligarh UP INDIA Read More
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Miniature Pinscher Beat to Death

Posted by memo9 3070 days ago Pets| dog miniature pinscher
Please pray for the lady who had her dog beat to death by her boyfriend. A pet is like a child to many, and its so hard to hear about their abuse (& murder).

Here are the details:
Ryan Reeser, from Burlingame, will serve 6 months in county jail after pleading no contest to felony animal cruelty charges that he beat his girlfriend's dog to death. It looks like the miniature pinscher nipped hi Read More
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