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Healing a relationship from damage of sexual abuse and codependency

Posted by kakaluca 2910 days ago Relationships| sex abuse codependency
Please pray for our marriage to heal from damaging effects of sexual abuse and a long pattern of codependency. We both need and deserve a restored and increased sense of intimacy, peace and joy in our lives. Thank you.

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Pray for a friend's marriage that is about to break up

Posted by joepoulson 2884 days ago Relationships| dear friend
My friend called today sobbing saying that a divorce is imminent in their marriage. The person is very fearful for her well being. We pray that the Holy Spirit will convict the wrong doer of sin and bring this family together again. Thank you so much for praying Read More
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God's Will

Posted by t01w 2890 days ago Relationships|
Please pray that God be with my best friend Pam as she and her young son are about to go through a divorce. Also, please pray that God be with the man I am truly in love with, and that he finds his way back to me. I sense he is going through a rough time, I pray that he seeks God first in all his decisions.

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Wisdom & Direction; Love of God; Relationships

Posted by Intercessor 2905 days ago Relationships|

I ask for a GREATER AWARENESS of YOUR PRESENCE & HEIGHTENED SENSITIVITY to YOUR VOICE... Father, I ask for nearness as I pray in public & in private. Speak through the Word & Holy Spirit. Please grant me confirmation in many ways. Take away temptations, & deliver me from evil (Matt 6:13; John 17:15).

Greater Grasp of God's LOVE & ability to Love others...
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please pray for david my son and thank god to answers to previous pray but please pray that his wife

Posted by ranilanda 2901 days ago Relationships|
Davids wife is very controlling and bitter towards David and puts her parents needs before her marriage is keep David from seeing their son she also blackmailing him by taking all his money otherwise he Carnot see his son.David has lost all confidence because of what kulvinder his wife and parents are doing he seems to just allow them to get away with what their doing . we dont want to interfere Read More
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want success in love Relationship

Posted by karoline 2903 days ago Relationships|
i m in love with someone. i scared to beleive anyone because my previous experience in love is not good it was very hurting & its like i got very much depressed on that time now this man is come in my life from last few months and i like him because he is a good human being. His goodness is attracting me lot.
please pray to lord jesus that this man also love me lot but dont hurt me or betray me. Read More
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husband, family

Posted by myra 2906 days ago Relationships| husband family
please pray for my husband to come back home with the heart full of love and turn his back from his mistress forever...In Jesus Name...amen Read More
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please pray for my husband to come back home with a heart full of love.

Posted by myra 2905 days ago Relationships|
I am married for almost 20 years, we have 4 daughters, just a few months ago my husband decided to leave us and live with his mistress who is young and pretty...I really feel bad, dissapointed,lost , betrayed,powerless, still in pain and in grief... May the Lord God touch my husbands heart and send him back home with a heart full of love and may he will turn his back from his mis Read More
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God help me

Posted by allengill 2905 days ago Relationships|
Lord our Father, I thank you for every blessing you have sent to me.I love my girlfriend for last 15 years. She also loves me very much. But she get marry with other guy.she is my childhood beloved.i knee down in your holy place judge me. this is unbearable for me but you are with me i am not worry what will you do for me i accept this wit all my heart i know you have different plan for me.O Lord Read More
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God centred relationship and for my girlfriend to have a deeper hunger for God.

Posted by Jesusfreak92 2913 days ago Relationships|
Could you please pray for my amazing girlfriend, that she could draw closer to God and His amazing love, that her heart would be broken for the things that break His heart, that she would Love like God loves and for God's glory. Also that our relationship would be totally God centered, be Honorable and glorifying to God. That we would build each others relationship with God.
thank you. Read More
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