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3yr old boy on life support after heart sugery

Posted by juicyjulie 3022 days ago Children|
please pray for ryan he had heart surgery yesterday due to complications he is now on life support please send all your prayers love and angel kisses to him and his family. Read More
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Urgent Prayer needed; Under Attack

Posted by leannekirsch1968 3026 days ago Children| domestic violence spiritual warfare
I submitted prayer request yesterday and it was answered. We got an adjournment of court proceedings. However, things are still not going right. The psychologist in our case appears to be recommending that my children be placed with their father who is violent. I am scared for their safety. Please pray that the children's custody will remain with me. Please pray spiritual warfare will end! Read More
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My son Clayton 18 and daughter Chanelle 17

Posted by Sharon 3027 days ago Children| father godly relationships job school
The need for salvation for my children, my son left tonight angry and hurt, please pray that he accepts the Lord asap, let him see that he will get nowhere without Jesus. My daughter has been in contact with a 33 year old man, please pray for her to meet a wonderful young Christian man who loves the Lord first with all his heart, one that will love, respect her and help her in her Christian walk Read More
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Deliverance from the evil one; Spiritual Warfare

Posted by leannekirsch1968 3028 days ago Children|
I am a woman who has been in a violent marriage for 12 yrs. He abused me and our children and had an affair. I finally left and filed for divorce. Now, his attacks (in court) have become ruthless. I have been told that I may lose my children due to his lies. We have a hearing Nov 9 @ 1:15pm CT. Please pray for deliverance from this attack by the evil one. Serious spiritual warfare. Please PRAY!! Read More
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please pray for daughter christy

Posted by manan 3027 days ago Children| studies
please pray for my daughter christy as she has no interest in studies. she is facing so many problem like she is slow and an can not concentrate in studies. she is fail in every exam. please god help her. I am always worried about my daughter. she is suffering from depression. please help her god. Read More
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The little ones

Posted by Izzy 3028 days ago Children|
Please pray for my family that god is in control and his will and direction. thank you Read More
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Praying for children

Posted by Neiome 3035 days ago Children| promotion landed resident children
I am Neiome, and I would like you all to pray with me, so that I can have children. I know with God all things are possible, and God gives us the desire of our heart. I am also a member of Christ Embassy in Canada. I am thanking God everyday for Children in my life. Thanks to all of you and have a wonderful and bless week.

Neiome. Read More
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18 year old son Clayton, 17 year old daughter Chanelle, both abuse alcohol, drugs, smoke, have un-Godly friends

Posted by Sharon 3031 days ago Children| new home huge debt children parents
My children's deliverance from dependency from all addictions, and mostly SALVATION, as well as financial deliverance for our family. God Bless Read More
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7-month-old girl, Shannon Lea Dedrick, is missing

Posted by memo9 3033 days ago Children| shannon lea dedrick 7 month old pray

Sometime between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Saturday, Shannon Lea Dedrick, a 7 month old baby, disappeared from her family's home in Florida.

Search teams are ... Read More
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Baby RB On Life Support - Dad and Mom in Conflict on Pulling the Plug

Posted by memo9 3034 days ago Children| baby rb baby rb lift support pray
A 1-year-old boy born with a rare neuromuscular condition is currently on life support. The Mother and the hospital want to pull the plug, but the child's father is fighting to keep him ...
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