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Mental Clarity, Focus, Wisdom and Guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Posted by katrina 2974 days ago General| focus clarity guidance tests
Please pray that the Lord spirit gives me clarity and soundness of thought, and that the Holy spirit guides me through my study process so I learn the right things and do as well as I am hoping on my coming exams. Read More
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Posted by Jeremiah 2974 days ago General|
Pray the Lord God would deliver me quickly. God Bless. Read More
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deliverance from sexual sin

Posted by naomi5 2973 days ago General|
God I'm sorry for all my sins of masturbation and watching pornography. please forgive me and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus Christ. please set me free.only you can do that. In the mighty name Of Jesus Christ. amen

Thank you for praying with me. God bless you! Read More
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freedom from bondage

Posted by naomi5 2977 days ago General|
God I'm sorry for my disobedience, for masturbation and pornography. please deliver me frm the evil one. Forgive me and cleanse my mind and body with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Thank You for my complete healing for Your glory. Amen Read More
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For my home and property

Posted by Dottie 2979 days ago General|
Please pray for me that I get my home and property back when I go to court in Feburary,let the judge find that my ex-husband and his family did me wrong,& that I awarded my home and property back to me with him having to pay me for taking care of him for three years when he was serciously ill.
Thank You,
Dottie Read More
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salvation for my brother

Posted by fkebede 2982 days ago General| brother-salvation
I pray for my brother Tefera. The devil has toyed with his life for 20 years. He has twisted his thinking through astronomy and numerology. He has filled his mind with futile and carnal thinking. I pray for divine favor and salvation towards my brother. Read More
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God's Spirit

Posted by Jeremiah 2981 days ago General|
Please join with me that God's Spirit would move and He would not leave me comfortless nor any that is of a brokenheart. Read More
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Praise the Lord we wish you a very marry christmas

Posted by allengill 2983 days ago General| congratulation
Marry Christmas to all of you brothers and sisters. Read More
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O Jesus! wish you a very happy christmas

Posted by allengill 2982 days ago General| your son
O Father thank you for your love that you send yours son for our salvation. Read More
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to chase away evil spirits,

Posted by cossy 2980 days ago General| myself toubled by evil spirits
i am a man tormented by evil spirits.Please pray for me so that the evil spirits may have no power over me.i have given my life to Jesus Christ. Read More
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