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Attacker Kills Prayer Leader and 15 others in Iraqui Mosque

Posted by frank909 3017 days ago In The News| prayer leader killed mosque prayer
A man rose during Friday prayer in Tal Afar, Iraq, and shot the prayer leader with an assault rifle before spraying the worshippers around him and detonating a suicide belt, killing 15 people and injuring 90 more. Read More
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Firefighter Run Over By Fire Truck Fights Back From Her Injuries

Posted by mike 3019 days ago In The News| becky quigley firefighter run over pray
Becky Quigley was injured in September while fighting the Silver Fire in NC. Quigley, a member of the Salmon River Hot Shots, was run over by a water tender while sleeping.

Becky (23-year-old) suffered five cracked vertebrae, several broken ribs, a broken shoulder, cracked skull and collapses lungs.

Please pray for her quick and full recovery. Read More
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arctic ice cap melting

Posted by carlo 3019 days ago In The News|
i just read an article in yahoo about the arctic ice cap disappearing in 20 years. this struck me as i live in the Philippines and we just experienced the worst flooding we've had in recent memory. let's all pray that our world's climate will not worsen further and let's all do our part for this. thank you for your prayers Read More
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Teen shot to death in Logan Square nightclub

Posted by mike 3019 days ago In The News| logan square teen shooting
A teenager (Ramiro Guevara) was shot dead early Thursday inside a crowded Logan Square nightclub in Chicago where hundreds had gathered for a live music show.

Ramiro Guevara, 17, who was from Mexico, had been in the United States only about three years, according to relatives of his girlfriend, who is pregnant with his child. Read More
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36 People Injured in Explosion in Chisinau during Concert

Posted by memo9 3019 days ago In The News| chisinau grenade attack stefan banica

A grenade explosion injured 26 people during a Romanian singer’s concert in the Moldovan capital Chisinau, just after the country’s prime minister received two threatening phone calls, officials revealed today. Singer Stefan Banica Jr had been giving a concert in a square in Chisinau when the grenade detonated. Read More
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Captain Lou Albano, Professional Wrestler dies

Posted by memo9 3020 days ago In The News| wwf captain lou lou albano

The captivating professional wrestler and manager Lou (Captain Lou) Albano died early this morning at his Carmel, N.Y., home.

Captain Lou was 76, and had suffered from a series of health complications in recent years.

Please pray for his Captain Lou Albano's family, friends and fans who are dealing with his death.
Read More
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Baltimore County Woman Killed in VA Car Crash

Posted by memo9 3019 days ago In The News| va car crash baltimore county
Baltimore County Woman Killed in VA Car Crash. The family is in mourning after the sudden death of the young woman involved in the horrific car crash. Please pray for them. Read More
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2 Year Old Aisling Symes drowned in drain

Posted by m2a 3019 days ago In The News| toddler new zealand nz drain drown

Aisling Symes, a two year old toddler from Auckland New Zealand wandered off from her grandparents home on October 5th. After an exhaustive search, her body was found in a drain, which had a manhole accidentally left open by city workers.

Her funeral is tomorrow. Please pray for her parents and family members during this difficult ordeal. A statement released by her family said, "It's hard to Read More
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For my ROOMMATE's problem of her home property

Posted by Jesussaviour 3021 days ago In The News| pray for her home
hi brothers and sisters good morning all of you. please pray for my room mate sana. she has problem of her home. her relatives want to capture her home illegally. so i request to you to pray for her and her father and her all family. thanks God bless you. Read More
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US Soccer Player Charlie Davies in Deadly Car Accident

Posted by frank909 3021 days ago In The News| charlie davies us soccer soccer davies

United States Soccer player, Charlie Davies,is in a serious but stable condition after being injured in a deadly single-car accident in Virginia early on Tuesday. Another unnamed passenger was killed in the accident.

Davies, 23, underwent several hours of surgery after sustaining a lacerated bladder and fractures to his tibia and femur bones in his right leg, the U.S. Soccer Federation said Read More
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