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for my job

Posted by defcon1981 3000 days ago Money| myself

Brothers and sisters please pray for me that i get a good job soon as i am jobless now for 6 months and am facing alot of problem money wise.

My name is Bilal and i stay in bahrain

thank u all and god bless Read More
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financial problem.

Posted by mae 3001 days ago Money| i need help
heavenly father , im widowed ,single mom since my husband died , its all hard for me ,lord god please help me to find way to pay my bills ,and lord i know nothing imposible for you , in jesus name i pray ,amen Read More
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Feeling Abandoned

Posted by GAJ 3006 days ago Money| health jobless debt
My wife is diabetic and because we have no health insurance, we cannot afford her meds. My daughter is bipolar and also needs meds that we can't afford. I just lost my job. We will have no Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our house is falling apart. We are in debt with creditors calling constantly. Because I get social security, the local social services say we are "too rich" for assistance. I feel hop Read More
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I need good job and money to sustain my family

Posted by arnu 3008 days ago Money|

I feel I am stuck up in economic doldrums. I am doing job on contract. My contract expired on 14 November 2009. I am still in the same job. But there is no assurance of continuity. I was asked to leave. Again I am asked to continue for time-being. I have no alternative job before me. Pl. pray for me so that I get good job and better than the present one and stability in job.
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Prayer for Business

Posted by Kingsley 3009 days ago Money| business
Dear Sir/Madam,

Please pray for Magdalene Lim residing in Singapore as she will be starting her own fashion business. She is a good person filled with love and a child of God and she deserves all the help possible to be successful.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ,
Amen Read More
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urgent prayer

Posted by senapon 3009 days ago Money| debt
i want you to pray for me and my family for God to intervene in our case as i found it difficult to pay my children's school fees.i am presently indebted i want God to have mercy on me and provide money for me to be able to pay the debt and my kids school fees.
Thank you all, Read More
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A miracle for my financial situation. A Senior with a morgage I cannot pay. Qualified and able and willing to work. o wo

Posted by tildabur 3012 days ago Money| senior divorced and unable to find work
I immigrated after my divorce and bought a one bedroom apartment. Now I have minimum income and cannot afford my place as I cannot find employment. I am a healthy and very well qualified 69 year old women.I ask our Lord for a miracle as He told me it is my hour to shine for Him! Read More
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Please Pray For A Blessing For Me

Posted by ACGJR 3010 days ago Money| please pray for a blessing for me
Please pray for me, I am a Disable Veteran and I am unable to work due head and neck injuries, and I may be evicted soon since the rent is over due, and if I am evicted, I don't have no place to go to right now. I have tried and still am trying everything I can think of to get this problem taken care of, but so far I haven't been able to get it solved. I have been praying every day, throughout th Read More
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Posted by Sachan 3011 days ago Money| unemployment
Sacha Linton lost his job in September 2009. He is almost 26 years old.He would like to get a job and gain his independence. Read More
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Need GOD help and Prays

Posted by beachgal00 3013 days ago Money| money problems cout cases and moving
I have a court case coming up in Dec.2 at 1:00pm I don't know what is going to happen. My attorney told me I would have to have $1,000.00 that day. WELL THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. i HAVE MY REG. BILLS THAT HAVE TO BE PAID. So I just can't give it all to this guy. I just don't know what is going to happen. I don't want to be in jail and that is what my attorney said that might happen. I just got Read More
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