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prayer for my son who is waiting for a ife changing career choice. Pray that if it is Gods will that doors will be open

Posted by Marie 3031 days ago Children|
My son has applied for a life changing job opportunity that will help him with long term job security. Pray for doors to be opened if its Gods will and for him to go soon. Asking for serenity to accept the things we cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference Read More
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Pray for my daughter

Posted by angela 3032 days ago Children| catholic life partner for my daughter
Pls pray for my daughter Nisha that she comes closer to Jesus and respects Him and that she may find a catholic life partner sent by Jesus who will be nice to her Read More
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Homeless young man

Posted by mpratt 3032 days ago Children| son bipolar homeless
My 18 year old son was arrested for getting his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant. He went to jail for a year. He is now 21 and a convicted felon and a level 2 sex offender. He is also homeless and jobless. He has bipolar too. Please pray that my son will find a job and a home before he starves to death or freezes to death. Read More
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pray for christy

Posted by Neeru 3031 days ago Children| daugther
please pray for my daughter christy, so to contrate in studies, because till now she has no interst in studies. Read More
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Bangladesh reports suspected baby death of flu A/H1N1

Posted by frank909 3034 days ago Children| h1n1 bangladesh infant h1n1 prayer
A ten-month infant is suspected of having died of A/H1N1 flu in Bangladesh's Parbatipur sub-district of Dinajpur district, some 338 km northwest of capital Dhaka.

Please pray for the parents of this infant who are struggling with their loss. Read More
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Please help me find my way!!!

Posted by g0ddess04 3034 days ago Children|
I truely need serious prayer for my spirit, I also need prayer for my family, my relationships alone with my mental heath...I feel as if I'm alone spiritually and I'm being taking advantaged of by loved ones. I'm in the middle of a divorce from a old relationship that has broken me down. Now Im back with my mom with all for of my younger children, I have no job but the lord has been supporting me Read More
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I'm requesting prayer for my friends family for the passing of their daughter.

Posted by moreandmore 3034 days ago Children|
Pray for my friends family. Read More
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Exposed to HIV I am scared

Posted by sarahzambrya 3037 days ago Children| hiv
I have been eposed to HIV. I am still waiting on the results but I pray I don't have it. i have a 1 year old baby. I want to change my life. Please pray I dont have this Read More
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son is constantly bullied and harassed

Posted by tracy 3038 days ago Children| son
My son, Justin lanong is 7 years old. He is constantly being bullied and harassed by other boys in his school. This is having a negative effect in him. He does'nt want to go to school and is losing interest in his studies. He has a hard time making friends, is short tempered and rude lately.Please pray for him. Read More
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Please pray for Sam Bish

Posted by memo9 3038 days ago Children| sam bish please pray for sam bish pray
Sam Bish is an 8 year old boy that has osteosarcoma cancer.Please pray for Sam Bish. Please pray for his healing.
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