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Please pray for Job & finance

Posted by joseph 2993 days ago Career| please pray for a job come by 31/12/2009
Please pray that I get a good job by 31/12/2009. I need a job to take care of the entire household. Please pray for me. many thanks.
Joseph L H Kok Read More
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Job Uncertainty

Posted by CKM1268 2992 days ago Career| uncertainty of career
Recently, the current company that I am working with had been acquired by another company. As a result, I am in an uncertainty stage and have been worried about losing my job. Please help to pray that I can let go and let God help me to walk through the unseen path that He has set for me. I need to have peace in mind and peace in heart so that I can have good night sleep. Read More
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job search

Posted by willem7 2992 days ago Career| carreer/business/finances
prayer point 1.
Please-urgent prayer for my son Anton[36 yrs old] for a job He is a trained Fraud Investigator and his type of job is scarce.

prayer point 2-
He also need the payout of finances owed to him that our IRS is holding onto.

prayer point 3-
his wife's business[professional photographer] needs 150 thousand rand [18000 thousand dollars] this month -[NOVEMBER] or Read More
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God's favour in respect of suspension letter served to spouse at his office

Posted by JElaigwu 2992 days ago Career| husband
Please I request that the mercy of God should speak for my husband because right now I have lost my peace because my spouse was served a suspension letter from office for 2 months because of an alleged offence that he is not aware of. I want God to show us mercy and grant us favour so that my peace will be full again. Read More
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Peacefull Resignation

Posted by chrisbituin 2994 days ago Career| design dna boss
I submitted my resignation earlier for a new job that I really want. My boss rejected my resignation and threatened me that he will make my life miserable. I just want to get out of the company and move on. Please help me in praying. Read More
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help me urgent pray

Posted by mae 2995 days ago Career| needs job daytime schedule lord
please help me to find a job daytime schedule i know lord were always lift up this for you , please help me .and please hear and answer my prayer. Read More
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Posted by weknowheprovides09 2995 days ago Career|
My husband recently lost his job after being employed for 15 years with the same company. He seems depressed and down because now he feels he can't provide for his family.

Please pray he will find employment, for his self esteem, motivation and that his thoughts will be guarded from the evil one. Read More
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Posted by tuwilika 2995 days ago Career|
May you kindly please pray for me, I'm writing the final exam to obtain my degree in Accounting, I would really like to graduate as it has been 4 long years.
Thanks and God Bless u! Read More
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Life, faith,career and relationships

Posted by JustKevin 2998 days ago Career| debt relationship job
Please pray for me that my business will turn around.Pray that I may get the courage by the grace of God to be able to make the brave choices and know that God stands beside me as I make them and deal with the consequences.Pray that my wife's heart may soften and that God helps her to deal with her problems. Please Pray that the burden on my heart will be lifted. Thank you all who read this and p Read More
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6 Prayers Pray!

help me to find a job daytime urgent request.

Posted by mae 2997 days ago Career| please hear answer my prayer .urgent
lord god ,i beg you pls help me and i hope the franklin extendicare where i applied for a job ,touch them lord sent your angels and holy spirit to call me for job lord i need a job im a widowed i need help im so depressed for all my problems its over on my head , pls hear and answer my prayer . Read More
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