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cheryl k and mike c will get back together and health can get better..............................

Posted by daddyo123 2777 days ago Health|
i love you Cheryl we both had strokes please pray for me Michael c.
Cheryl k help us to get back together love her peace love and to be happy..............................................................
mike c and Cheryl k Read More
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Please pray for my wife as she goes into surgery for breast cancer

Posted by luz 2770 days ago Health| wife
My wife Luz was diagnosed with breast cancer this passed Friday and she will be going into surgery this week and we need for GOD to help the condition that she is found and to also guide the doctors hands.
Please help her Read More
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Please pray for my Grandfather's recovery.

Posted by texasgal 2785 days ago Health| grandfather stroke
My Grandfather recently had a stroke, and things are just getting worse. Please pray that he will recover and be with us for many years to come. He is the father of nine and grandfather of 28. Read More
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Posted by lytlebf 2801 days ago Health|
Please pray for my brother and his family. His wife has been fighting with scleroderma for about 6 years she looks like she is getting to the end. She only weights 80 pounds now and its hard to see what a disease can do to someone in such a short time. My brother looks like he is so lost right now. Please pray for our family, she might not make it to see another Christmas. Read More
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a desperate request

Posted by mavis 2796 days ago Health| dear friend
please pray that Mesut will not give up on his cancer treatment . He says he cannot afford to live and his situation is hopeless . Pray for a change of heart and someone to help him . Read More
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My mothers health.

Posted by Johnhockeyfan 2804 days ago Health| pnomonia
My mother Mary I. Johnson has aspiration pneumonia, and the doctor tells me (her son John) that there is a good chance she may not make it. Please pray for her recovery, and or God our Father in Heavens will. Thank You all who prays. John Johnson. Read More
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Posted by Marks 2807 days ago Health|
We are asking for prayer for my 25 year old son. He has a condition, and is under mental, physical, and spiritual attack. Please pray for a reduction of afflictions and deliverance! And that the Lord would grant recovery relief and deliverance quickly! Read More
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Facial pain

Posted by Miguel 2828 days ago Health| miguel facial pain
Please pray that I may be free from facial pain. Read More
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Healing for Miguel

Posted by Miguel 2808 days ago Health| miguel facial pain
PLease pray that I may be relieved of severe facial pain and discomfort. Read More
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tooth trouble

Posted by Miguel 2832 days ago Health| tooth trouble healing
Please pray that I may have no trouble with a tooth from which I have lost a filling.I can't see a dentist for work reasons for some time.May I experience God's wholeness and peace here. Read More
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