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accomodation issue

Posted by rose 1386 days ago Relationships| loneliness neighborhood
Please lord,Please help me in solving the accomodation issue.
I have never been away from the family and this lonliness and fear is scaring me.
Please help me find a safe,secure and friendly location at the earliest.
Jesus your are my saviour my protector my friend and my guide.
Please help in my current situation plesae lord please Read More
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loan sanction and early loan amount disperse for my sister

Posted by rose 1552 days ago Money| house loan
please pray to our lord for the home loan approval and sanction for my sister's house they are worried and desperately looking for a miracle from our lord jesus.Please lord please let the registration of their house complete without any hassle let the loan required by them get dispersed at the earliest .Please lord guide and protect them Read More
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Healing and Fast Recovery

Posted by Sushi 1568 days ago Health| icu
Husband fell broke leg in several places, moved to ICU because BP dropped.Is on dialysis. Read More
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please pray that we may find the best house at the earliest

Posted by rose 1659 days ago General| house
house for us please guide and lead us to the best house for us,Lord our guide and protector.
Lord this is all that we have, we have never enjoyed our fancy desires but saved up all for our house .Please lead us to the best house for us.
all our visit and house hunts are leading to nowhere.
please help us lord .
protect us from selfish and cheating landowners
Help us in finding the best house Read More
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Blessed viewing

Posted by hedgelayer 1661 days ago Money|
Dear Lord, we pray that you bless the viewings on our property and that the viewers buy it. Please take this burden from us. Amen Read More
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please help me to pray my mom,marie anne,im only 14 alone at home urgent prayer

Posted by sweety11 1698 days ago Relationships|
please help me to pray my moms work that her manager give her morning shifts instead night ,im alone at home ,
and lord pls touch my uncle elroy that he can talk one day my mom i feel sad i saw my mom crying ,and lonely,pls lord send some angels i know lord you hear me , Read More
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house for us

Posted by rose 1679 days ago Money| house
please pray that we get a good house.
All our finance depend on it
Please God help us,this is all our saving
please protect and guide us
God you are our protector and our guide.
Please help my sister as well Read More
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Exam prayer request

Posted by ButterflyGirl 1749 days ago Education| exam pass afrikaans

Can you please pray for me? I start exams tomorrow. I write 2 Afrikaans papers and I hardly understand a word and 2 psychology papers. I really need to pass this year so that I can graduate and get married.
Please please please keep me in your prayers. Thank you Read More
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Prayer for Harry's health

Posted by rose 1806 days ago Health| health husband
Please God he should have something minor and it should be detected and healed.please lord heal him completely.Let the Doctor find something minor effecting his health and heal him.
Lord jesus please help us we are always facing some or the other health issues earlier it was me,now him.Lord please help us lord please restore our trust in you .please protect and guide us.Let it be something minor Read More
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Exam stress because of sup

Posted by ButterflyGirl 1943 days ago Education| exam sup need to pass degree

I am writing a supplementary exam on friday and even though I have been studying I only seem to know just under 50% of the paper. I am struggling with this subject and need to pass it to carry on with my degree. Please pray that I pass it. Thank you Read More
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