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2 year old dead in closet

Posted by mike 2010 days ago Children| cournoyer
As a 2-year-old girl lay dead in the closet of a South Dakota home, another child invited two young neighbors over to take a look. The adults in the home, who were binging on drugs, didn't call 911 until some 14 hours later, police allege.

Taylor Cournoyer, 21, and Laurie Cournoyer, 29, are charged with failing to notify police of the death and five counts of child abuse related to other chil Read More
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A Memphis high school is in mourning after the tragic death of a 15 year old football player

Posted by mike 2010 days ago Children| prayer request

A Memphis high school is in mourning after the tragic death of a football player, who fell dead after what is believed to be a completely innocuous collision during a traditional afternoon practice. Read More
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Prayers for Mahjabeen

Posted by m2a 2020 days ago Children| health prayer request mahjabeen
Young Mahjabeen is critically ill and fighting for her life. Please pray for her health and speedy recovery. Read More
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Conceive this time..the pregnancy test shouls be positive

Posted by rose 2607 days ago Children| motherhood
PLease pray that the treatment was sucessfull and i should have conceived this time.please pray that i should not get my periods and the pregnancy test is positive ..this is my most important wish for this year.please pray that i am pregnant this time and this is a succesfull pregnancy.pleaseee im begging you'lll :(
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Please pray for Catherine

Posted by mike 2653 days ago Children| child prayer prayer request catherine
Please pray for Catherine ... She was rushed to the hospital after she threw up & passed out. They discovered she had a massive anurism (at age 13). She was flown to Children's Hospital where they did emergency surgery. There is a lot of swelling and there are issues with her getting the proper amount of oxyen. Things do not look good right now. Please pray for her & her family Read More
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Need a Miracle for 8 year old Elle - Time is running out

Posted by mike 2660 days ago Children| elle cancer prayer miracle

A friend has an 8 year old daughter named Elle who has been battling a brain tumor for the past three years. Unfortunately, they recently received news that the brain tumor has become very aggressive. There are few options left and it looks like Elle will not be with us much longer.

Please pray for Elle to have strength during this time and for a Miracle. God loves to do the impossible... Read More
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PCOS is healed and i conceive successfully

Posted by rose 2692 days ago Children| treatement success conceive
Please pray that my PCOS is healed and i Conceive i have a checkup tomorrow. please pray that the current treatment is successfull and i conceive,undergo a complete and successfull pregnancy(I had two miscarriage earlier).
Im having a lot of pressure from family side on this matter.
Please pray that God all mighty hear my prayer and tomorrow's and following visits for the treatment is smo Read More
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injured athlete

Posted by taci103 2688 days ago Children| injury football kid
Please pray for a young football player who was unable to move after being tackled in a junior varsity football game today. He has been brought to the hospital and is in need of our prayers. Read More
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My family and my son

Posted by Autism 2722 days ago Children| autism son family
I would like to ask for prayers for my family please. My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He is trying so hard to talk and has the most beautiful and gentle personality. We can't find a school for him to attend due to the fact that he can't communicate. We have tried so many things and nothing seems to be working. We have started the SCD diet and hope that the Lor Read More
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Please Help Return Lynn France's Abducted Children

Posted by sgalvin 2732 days ago Children| children abuse bigamy kidnapping
Please pray for Lynn France. Her children were parentally kidnapped. Her husband is a bigamist and is keeping the kids from her in another state. Every second without her babies she is suffering. Please pray for her to get her boys back, she is in desperate need. Please sign the petition to help return Lynn’s children to her. Thank you and God Bless. Read More
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