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accomodation issue

Posted by rose 1389 days ago Relationships| loneliness neighborhood
Please lord,Please help me in solving the accomodation issue.
I have never been away from the family and this lonliness and fear is scaring me.
Please help me find a safe,secure and friendly location at the earliest.
Jesus your are my saviour my protector my friend and my guide.
Please help in my current situation plesae lord please Read More
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please help me to pray my mom,marie anne,im only 14 alone at home urgent prayer

Posted by sweety11 1701 days ago Relationships|
please help me to pray my moms work that her manager give her morning shifts instead night ,im alone at home ,
and lord pls touch my uncle elroy that he can talk one day my mom i feel sad i saw my mom crying ,and lonely,pls lord send some angels i know lord you hear me , Read More
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Posted by mae 2053 days ago Relationships|
Lord jesus ,im here again help me touch ELROY DUSBABEK lord pls pls pls help me send some your angels to him and he can realize what he did .lord i wanna talk to him ,and pls help me he calm down and not hate me ,you know i didnt do anythign bad to him ,lord hurt so much .
pls give me a sign im begging you i tried to help my self ,lord if you have plan for me help me ,i need help pls grant my re Read More
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Boyfriend and I fighting

Posted by ButterflyGirl 2284 days ago Relationships| boyfriend fighting
can you please pray for us. we seem to be fighting alot and about little things that dont matter. he hangs up the phone and does not want to listen when i talk. i try calling back but he switches off. if anyone can offer me advice please email me on Read More
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severe pressure

Posted by garinps 2370 days ago Relationships|
Please pray, one of my friends who are facing severe pressure due to her husband's abusive actions. Read More
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My fiance of seven years left abrutly after I discovered he was watching porn and confronted him on it.

Posted by 1cosmo 2658 days ago Relationships|
Michael really needs God right now. I feel that he is on a dark path of self destruction. Read More
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Posted by lydia888 2680 days ago Relationships|
I would like prayer for my friendship relationship that it grows strong and we get closer and we start with a good foundation of love trust faithfulness and good communication, that he draws close to the lord that he excepts Christ as savior he does believe in God but I want to lead him to the lord I like prayer that the lord moves in his life bring him conviction about the world and that he does Read More
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trying to remain hopeful with a relationship

Posted by Jewnie 2692 days ago Relationships| true love soul mate forgiveness
I recently took a large risk in love. It went poorly, but there are still strong mutual feelings both ways. This person is my soul mate, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I need a chance to prove my love to this person, and to be in a loving stable relationship with them. I am trying to stay hopeful but I often become overwhelmed. I would like prayers/warm thoughts/happy wishes, Read More
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pray for our strength

Posted by aliceg 2707 days ago Relationships| boyfriend kids love help strength
My boyfriend and I have to be separated because his children do not want to accept me. Please let our God given love prevail. Let God smooth over everyone's objections. Grant me the strength overcome my fears that I will lose my boyfriend. Grant us both peace. Read More
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Posted by sharongeorge 2661 days ago Relationships| depression family
Please pray for my son who has sucken into depression and ask the lord to help him .My sister also has suicide tenancies and needs prayers.
Please pray for them both as it pains the whole family to see them suffer like this
Amen Read More
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