Prayer Requests for cancer

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A friend's cancer

Posted by msmarcasite 2946 days ago Health| cancer
God's healing of cancer. Read More
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Healing for my stepfather, son and husband

Posted by pianoplayer61 2967 days ago Health| stepfather son husband pain cancer
I need prayer in many areas of my life.
1. My stepfather - he may have cancer. Please pray that it is nowhere else in his body and can be fully removed.
2. My son - was in a swimming accident last year and broke his neck. Please pray for healing in mind, body and spirit.
3. My husband - Please pray for relief from pain and understanding where my son is concerned and for sp Read More
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healing from liver cancer,now in coma,internal bleeding his name is john iype

Posted by roynija 2971 days ago Health| cousin cancer liver
this is for my cousin who is in coma now suffering frm liver cancer and now internal bleeding .pray for him so that he will come back to life and serve lord.
nija Read More
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My aunt has lung cancer in both lungs.

Posted by deenzie 2975 days ago Health| aunt cancer lungs
My aunt had breast cancer and had mastectomy with reconstruction and chemotherapy. Now she has just been diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs. She will need chemotherapy. Please pray God brings her to divine health. Read More
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For my Daddy suffering from Cancer

Posted by pamelaisaac 2986 days ago Health| cancer
Dear Lord, I pray to you to heal my Daddy of small cell lung cancer. He is an advanced stage. Lord, you are the healer. You have redeemed us of all problems. Today I pray to for your ardent follower. He needs you Lord, please heal him with your touch. My mother needs her companion, Lord. Please, listen to us Lord as we all join our hands before you. Read More
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Please Pray For Spontaneous Remission For My Financee's Father

Posted by DonG 2989 days ago Health| father cancer remission
Please pray for a spontaneous remission for my financee's father who has been fighting strong and hard for a year, with cancer. The cancer started in his gall bladder but has been spreading since it was detected over a year ago.

Thank you! Read More
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Lee Thompson in Phoenix

Posted by Judi 2995 days ago Health| cancer
That he has a speedy & lasting recovery.
We all love you in the Western Music Association Read More
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Posted by rteressap 2996 days ago Health| grandmother cancer healed miracle
In accordance to the word of OUR LORD-"by HIS stripes, we were HEALED", I ask that whosoever will, please stand in agreement with me that June G. is completely Healed and set free of all illnesses attacking her body. She needs a miracle and has asked that I pray for her to stay alive. We know that one day we will all leave this world...and when OUR FATHER brings us into HIS KINGDOM no other pla Read More
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Mother of two young children - breast cancer has returned

Posted by jezreel 3000 days ago Health| cancer family
Please pray for Vivien R, a mother of two young children. Her breast cancer has returned, and she has a scan on Wednesday 11th November to track how the cancer is developing.

We pray firstly for physical healing for Vivien. We also pray for God to bring support and comfort to her, her husband, children, sister, parents and her wider family and friends.

Finally, we thank God for the life, Read More
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Urgent prayer needed for my mother

Posted by nw062008 3003 days ago Health| cancer spread intestinal obstruction
Please pray for complete healing for my mother with cervical cancer that has now spread to her abdominal lymph nodes. Also currently hospitalized for intestinal obstruction and doctors are now saying she needs surgery, but very risky, given all the issues. Please pray that this will resolve without surgery;being observed for another 24 hours so needs URGENT prayers.Also, please pray for her compl Read More
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