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Please pray for my marriage during separation

Posted by Timothyk 2984 days ago Relationships| wife love family marriage
Please pray for the Lord to work in my wife Heidi's heart, that she will choose reconciliation and restoration of our marriage over divorce. We have been married for 21 years and have 3 sons. Please pray she can get past the hurts of our past and see that our marriage is worth keeping. Please pray that the Lord can transform me into the man she needs to see. Read More
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Great Conversations w/ Family

Posted by Intercessor 2996 days ago Relationships| family

I ask for great conversations with B D L & S today, as well as Dad & Mom in the near future. Protection (Physical & Spiritual). Thank you in Jesus' Name. Read More
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New House Loan

Posted by billybob9876 3008 days ago General| mortgage family home
We have applied for a home loan to purchase a new home. I have enough money to put 50% down but I have bad credit. My family fell in love with this house and on Wednesday, Nov 24, 2009, the bank will make their decision if we will get the loan. We have already been turned down once and I have been praying to God that he answers my prayers and let us get the house loan. I trust God and I know that Read More
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Peace and prosperity in family.

Posted by scoot2john 3011 days ago Relationships| family
I am a student and I stay away from my parents. Few days back my dog which I brought home before leaving for college bit my cousin. My family is a joint family, where my father and my uncle’s family stay together. But since my uncle was looking after the dog and the dog bit my cousin there has been a dispute in the family. Because of this many other issues from the past were also considered and n Read More
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family relocaaation toUS

Posted by sneha 3015 days ago Money| family debt
please for pray my family as we have got two small kids and very difficult to run home. pray for us to reach US and settle our life.We have filed for US in 2007.please pray for us so that God shall make a new way Read More
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need money for marriage

Posted by barclay 3021 days ago Money| family finance
Dear Bro/Sister,

My marriage is getting fixed in Jan '10 without any sources of finance. Rs. 150000 minimum is needed on my part, otherwise there is a big humiliating situation.

Our family went through a massive financial breakdown few years ago (my in-laws don't know about it) and we are on rock bottom without any kind of sources. Pray that my faith increases.
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For my Dad's health and he is being sued unfairly

Posted by shirin 3026 days ago Health| father health court family
I need prayers for my father's health, he is diabetic and is so stressed!! This businessman is suing my dad for £150,000.00GBP. We don't want money, we just dont want to loose our home and have to pay this guy for the rest of our lives. Thanks Read More
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Mother of two young children - breast cancer has returned

Posted by jezreel 3028 days ago Health| cancer family
Please pray for Vivien R, a mother of two young children. Her breast cancer has returned, and she has a scan on Wednesday 11th November to track how the cancer is developing.

We pray firstly for physical healing for Vivien. We also pray for God to bring support and comfort to her, her husband, children, sister, parents and her wider family and friends.

Finally, we thank God for the life, Read More
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In need of a job to save my home and family

Posted by stevemac1 3034 days ago Money| job career family house
God, I am a sinner. I have sinned and ask You for forgiveness. I know that my sins have lead me to this point in my life. My lies, my cheating, my stealing, have all brought me down this horrible path that I lead. I ask for your forgiveness, cleanse me and make me a better disciple. My wife Joanne, and my sons Alec and Evan are counting on me to provide for them.

I need a good paying job tha Read More
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please pray for me

Posted by VINUTHAN 3035 days ago Money| family
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