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Pray for me to select in a good job

Posted by kkishore428 2960 days ago Career| father heart problem mine temptations
Praise the lord, I'm Kishore. I'm working in a small embedded company. Now i want to change to another company. I'm trying from 3months but until now not selected for any.... please pray for my carrier to select in a good company. My friends also trying to change the company. Please pray for us. And also pray for my spiritual life and parents health.

Thanking you,
K.Kishore Read More
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Please Pray for Dad's Temper and craving for money

Posted by Kingsley 2981 days ago Relationships| father worry money temper
Dear all,
Please pray for Peter Lim Kim Swee residing in Singapore. He has a temper and crave for money that the family cannot deal with at time and his conversations with us are fixated around that topic although he has enough money. Please lend us your prayers as this will help the family to have more peace.

In the name is Lord Jesus Christ,
Amen. Read More
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James' father

Posted by SarahDylan 2986 days ago Health| friend father parkinsons brain damage
The father of an old friend of mine is sick and has been for many years. He has Parkinson's, as well as brain damage. this friend has been through so much. I know what it's like to loose a parent at such a young age, and he's only 16. Please pray for a miracle; for his father to recover. Thank you. Read More
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Please Pray For Spontaneous Remission For My Financee's Father

Posted by DonG 2989 days ago Health| father cancer remission
Please pray for a spontaneous remission for my financee's father who has been fighting strong and hard for a year, with cancer. The cancer started in his gall bladder but has been spreading since it was detected over a year ago.

Thank you! Read More
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Posted by JOY 2990 days ago General| father

my father has a request of House. that we can buy our house in our choice area and another my father is waiting for areous. Read More
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My son Clayton 18 and daughter Chanelle 17

Posted by Sharon 2994 days ago Children| father godly relationships job school
The need for salvation for my children, my son left tonight angry and hurt, please pray that he accepts the Lord asap, let him see that he will get nowhere without Jesus. My daughter has been in contact with a 33 year old man, please pray for her to meet a wonderful young Christian man who loves the Lord first with all his heart, one that will love, respect her and help her in her Christian walk Read More
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For my Dad's health and he is being sued unfairly

Posted by shirin 2998 days ago Health| father health court family
I need prayers for my father's health, he is diabetic and is so stressed!! This businessman is suing my dad for £150,000.00GBP. We don't want money, we just dont want to loose our home and have to pay this guy for the rest of our lives. Thanks Read More
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urgent prayer request

Posted by urfriend919 3000 days ago Relationships| father illness severe financial crisis
My dad is in hospital and in critical condition. He is suffering from liver cirrhosis. My family is facing severe financial problems. One day a pastor who was praying for us said that he had a revelation and he said that some kind of spell/bond/curse is done against our family and it was a long time ago, may be 15 years. We were shocked to hear that because my family turned to tragic way 15 years Read More
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my dad

Posted by Angel 3006 days ago Relationships| lonely dad father
Please pray for my dad who is in a foreign country alone (we just moved there as a family but had to come home to see my dying nana). My dads all alone and depressed. Please pray he makes friends that will be there for life and that he has peace. Any my nana is saved before she dies. thank u so much
In jesus name
amen Read More
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successful operation

Posted by aslorenzo68 3014 days ago Health| father gastric mass
i thank you Lord for everything. asking for your guidance on my father's operation. help him to have the courage and strength for the success of his operation. i want him to be strong so that he could go back to his normal way of eating. Lord guide the surgeon who will handle his operation plus the staff and team who will be assigned to the operating room. thank you Lord. Amen. Read More
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