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for the good health for my sister's twins

Posted by rose 2711 days ago Health| health kids
Please pray to our lord that my sister's twins who are not keeping well, recover quicky and return to hale and healthy lifestyle again.
please pray for my sister she is worried about them .Please lord please help them recover quicky.Protect and bless them with healthy life. Read More
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My Black young Kitty boy Panther NEEDS prayers

Posted by HeidiHelene 2714 days ago Health| cat health

My BELOVED young Panther kitty boy - black 6 year old OSH/X is up at Davis Veterinary university and so far they cannot help him to pee.

Tuesday tomorrow, they are scoping his urinary parts to see if they find a tumor or ? that is preventing him from peeeing.,

PLEASE PRAY he does NOT have a tumor and that they find WHAT is wrong and CURE HIM! WE miss him so desperately and NEED him back ho Read More
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Please pray for my Dad

Posted by xxdsquared 2736 days ago Health| health
He's not doing to well and I'm really scared. I've never seen him so sick before. So please pray to give him strength and so that he can get better. Thank you Read More
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Please pray for my mom - she's in critical condition

Posted by solja7 2748 days ago Health| mother mom healing health critical
My mom diagnosed with brain aneurysm. Her brain blood vessel is ballooning because a disorder. She's very health and now she's in a critical condition. The ballooning vessel might break anytime. I read many sad stories about brain aneurysm. I hope my mom will make it through and she can be healthy again. I feel depressed because there's nothing I can do right now. It's all beyond our control. I c Read More
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Please pray for my friend's health

Posted by Dee 2774 days ago Health| friend health tumor
Doctors discovered a tumor and had some tests done. She will received results next week. Also on a few different heart medication. Please pray that she will recover. Thank you Read More
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Mother, Anne

Posted by blair 2866 days ago Health| mother finances health
Please pray for my mother's safe and happy journey home. Send her guardian angels to keep her safe and healthy and loved at all times.Pray for a happy and fruitful result of her financial situations. Thank you God, Amen. Read More
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Healing from hypertension

Posted by Adeshiyan 2932 days ago Health| health
Lately my BP read 150/90 and has been like that for about a year now, I have been having to battle with stress since 2004. Last year I was diagnosed with pyelonephritis; a problem with the kidney and I am at presnt treating it again.I am 23 years. Read More
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Healing of Discomfort Right Arm & Shoulder

Posted by Miguel 2933 days ago Health| health right arm comfort
PLease pray that I may be released from discomfort sometimes causing pain in my right arm and shoulder. Read More
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Prayer for Father's sickness

Posted by rainzero2035 2936 days ago Health| father health diabetes
pls pray for my father who has been suffered from diabetes, the blood sugar still fluctuating even though a high dosage of medicine has no effect at all. pls pray for him and be healed, as i believed MIRACLE is now the answer. Read More
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Feeling Abandoned

Posted by GAJ 3006 days ago Money| health jobless debt
My wife is diabetic and because we have no health insurance, we cannot afford her meds. My daughter is bipolar and also needs meds that we can't afford. I just lost my job. We will have no Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our house is falling apart. We are in debt with creditors calling constantly. Because I get social security, the local social services say we are "too rich" for assistance. I feel hop Read More
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