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A failure that may cause a lonely christmas

Posted by yum 2990 days ago Career| job
Please pray for me, a certain part of my job may go into a failure. it would cause a big trouble to my family life. I'm the lone provider. I pray that the bidding on Nov. 16,2009 will be ok. I hope God, would hear me. I know it's my fault, just give me another chance and I promise I would never let myself to be in this situation again. Read More
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to have marriage after getting permanent job

Posted by kurian 2993 days ago Relationships| marriage after permanent job
I would like to have my marriage after getting permanent job.Let that marriage be soon. Read More
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I am a teacher. I have already written an exam in government sector. I want that permanant job.

Posted by kurian 2993 days ago Career| myself permanant govt teaching job
Am a helpless man who is seeking permanent teaching job in government sector. I have already written an exam for the same. Its result is about to come. I need urgent prayer to get that job.please pray for me..........please............ Read More
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My son Clayton 18 and daughter Chanelle 17

Posted by Sharon 2994 days ago Children| father godly relationships job school
The need for salvation for my children, my son left tonight angry and hurt, please pray that he accepts the Lord asap, let him see that he will get nowhere without Jesus. My daughter has been in contact with a 33 year old man, please pray for her to meet a wonderful young Christian man who loves the Lord first with all his heart, one that will love, respect her and help her in her Christian walk Read More
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Life, faith,career and relationships

Posted by JustKevin 2997 days ago Career| debt relationship job
Please pray for me that my business will turn around.Pray that I may get the courage by the grace of God to be able to make the brave choices and know that God stands beside me as I make them and deal with the consequences.Pray that my wife's heart may soften and that God helps her to deal with her problems. Please Pray that the burden on my heart will be lifted. Thank you all who read this and p Read More
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pray for my soon to find a job

Posted by dianne 2998 days ago Career| son job
please pray for my son in his time of need so that he may find a job to have money to live on and suport himself and pay his bills Read More
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Problem at my workplace

Posted by preeti 2998 days ago Career| job
Greetings Brother,

Myself preeti, resides in New Delhi and I belongs to a converted christian family. My faith on jesus helps me to come out from my day to day problems. But during some days I am facing a problem at my work place. My promotion is due for next Year in April'10. But my manager Neeraj Kumar is creating problem for me at my work place. I don't know what to do in this situation. Pl Read More
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Need prayers for me and my partner!

Posted by joe 3000 days ago Relationships| relationship partner debt job fam love
Hi im joseph,and i have been with my partner for nearly 2 years,we are going though a hard time at the momentt,and we may split up,but i doin't want that to happen.God brough us together,and now satan is trying to split us up.
It was my fault,i took anna for granted,did my own things,lied to her,broke her heart.
Today was a wake up call for me,and i have prayed to god for help,and to change me, Read More
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prayer for my husbands job

Posted by binasatapathy 3005 days ago Career| job
Lord Jesus please help me by blessing my husband to get some good job in dubai.I have lots of hopes that he will definetly get a job in dubai.please dont break my hopes father. I have lots of confidence on you lord.You gave me watever i asked you and i am very thankful to you father. Read More
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In need of a job to save my home and family

Posted by stevemac1 3006 days ago Money| job career family house
God, I am a sinner. I have sinned and ask You for forgiveness. I know that my sins have lead me to this point in my life. My lies, my cheating, my stealing, have all brought me down this horrible path that I lead. I ask for your forgiveness, cleanse me and make me a better disciple. My wife Joanne, and my sons Alec and Evan are counting on me to provide for them.

I need a good paying job tha Read More
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