Prayer Requests for marriage

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Death, Health, Money, Finances, Marriage

Posted by JustKevin 2935 days ago General| debt finances marriage
Please pray for my wife's uncle who took his life because of addiction.Please pray that his family can get through this. Please pray that my wife and I can get relief with our finances. Pray for my wife that God eases the sorrow she is feeling during this troubling time and that He may make me a better husband.Amen Read More
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Please pray for my marriage during separation

Posted by Timothyk 2956 days ago Relationships| wife love family marriage
Please pray for the Lord to work in my wife Heidi's heart, that she will choose reconciliation and restoration of our marriage over divorce. We have been married for 21 years and have 3 sons. Please pray she can get past the hurts of our past and see that our marriage is worth keeping. Please pray that the Lord can transform me into the man she needs to see. Read More
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Business, faith, relationship,debt

Posted by JustKevin 2965 days ago General| debt business faith marriage
Please pray for me that God gives me the wisdom to effectively and profitably run my business. May he give me the courage and wisdom to make the decisions that are best. May God soften the heart of my wife so we can have the loving relationship we both deserve and may he give me the patience and understanding she deserves. May God also open my heart to him full time, not just when I am having cha Read More
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finances + marriage

Posted by visagie7 2967 days ago Relationships| marriage finances
Please pray for my marriage urgently
Thanks in Jesus name
Piet Visagie
South Africa

I need a miracle in my finances I've been unemployed for several years as well as my wife and my wife wants to leaving me after 26years of marriage since I can no longer provide for us and I'm busy losing my house Pray that God will change her heart and my situation please she say she have met so Read More
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Marriage separation need breakthrough

Posted by Timothyk 2968 days ago Relationships| marriage
Need prayer, as my wife Heidi is pressing forward with the legal separation. I am thankful she is at least not moving toward divorce to give herself time to think about the possibility of reconciliation. So far she says she can't see that possibility at this time... I know there is hope through Christ Jesus.
Please pray for healing, and that she will find forgiveness for me and consider re Read More
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Prayer for marriage, for healing and reconciliation to come

Posted by Timothyk 2971 days ago Relationships| wife healing marriage
Need continued prayers for my wife's healing, for God to place forgiveness in her heart for me, and that she will want to move toward the restoration of our marriage. I have told her that I want to reconcile, and have done all that I can to let her know that I want our marriage forever. She has told me she doesn't know if she wants our marriage anymore, and doesn't know if she will ever trust me Read More
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prayer for guidance

Posted by bpp 2987 days ago Relationships| marriage
i humbly ask everybody to please pray for me be enlightened to know the right thing to do to my husband who is taking drugs. i feel that it is time to leave him, but i am worried about the children's education. i want to leave him because of the things he does to me which is the result of his taking illegal drugs. These things have caused so much stress and pain for me. i feel our marriage is h Read More
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Posted by Saaad 2989 days ago Relationships| marriage happiness
I have been hoping for marriage for a very long time, but my father has refused to allow it.I'm becoming severely desperate and depressed.I cant do anything - work, study, etc.I'm becoming increasingly useless for myself and everyone else. Read More
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to have marriage after getting permanent job

Posted by kurian 2993 days ago Relationships| marriage after permanent job
I would like to have my marriage after getting permanent job.Let that marriage be soon. Read More
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Need of deliverance

Posted by beejoe 2997 days ago Relationships| marriage
I need deliverance to get married. I am in a relationship that I cannot walk away neither can my boyfriend. We love each other so much but we have problems. He pretend like I am the last thing in his life hence he doesn’t want me to get hurt but in so doing I sometimes get hurt and become so cross that I can say anything. His wish which he told me ever since we met three years ago was to see me h Read More
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