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Prayer for my Mother Jayamary who is suffering from Arthritis

Posted by Arpudamary 3012 days ago Health| mother arthritis
Dear Beloved in Christ,

Please pray for my mother Jayamary who is suffering from Arthritis. She has to take care of my younger brother who is bed ridden. So kindly pray that she is relieved of her arthritis pain.

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for healing

Posted by tmeans 3013 days ago all| mother stroke
Please pray for my mother. She had a stroke and is in ICU.
thank you
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Pray for my mother health

Posted by sumanthpuram 3014 days ago Health| mother health
Hello, my mother vijaya has to undergo an operation for removal of uterus this week. She is so tensed that doctor refused to operate because of high blood pressure. Please pray that God gives her mental and physical strength to face the operation. Read More
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Urgent! Mum vey ill in hospital

Posted by sarnia2 3016 days ago Health| healing mother
Mum taken to hosp yesterday; very hypothermic. Two nasty infections being treated with drugs and now she seems unable to speak and very weak. She said she wanted to get better. Please God you honour that. Next 24 hours crucial to her recovery. She has other medical probs. Please pray urgently. Read More
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eye healing

Posted by thomasf 3023 days ago Health| mother eyes healed
My mother is having problems with her eyes. She has had cataract surgery once already and is worried this could be something worse. Read More
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Five children and mother murdered in Naples Florida apartment

Posted by m2a 3044 days ago In The News| children mother florida murdered — Please pray for these murdered children and mother and that the cops find their killer! Read More
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