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Lord's Prayer for Me & Family

Posted by Intercessor 2950 days ago Travel| prayer
I ask we KNOW GOD & HALLOW God's Name.
KINGDOM of GOD COME to us & through us w/ fruit, gifts & Presence.
GOD'S will would be DONE in our lives.
Give us this day our DAILY BREAD (Word, Prayer & Provision).
PROTECTION from temptation, injury, sa_tan (Ps 91): DELIVERANCE from all EVIL: For the sake of CHRIST'S KINGDOM, by His POWER & for His GLORY, Amen. Read More
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Australian Woman Kills Ederly Dog

Posted by memo9 2952 days ago Pets| papillion dog beating prayer pet
An Australian woman has been charged with animal cruelty for brutally killing a family's elderly dog. Police allege the woman entered a house and grabbed the 18-year-old papillion dog ... Read More
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Actress Brittany Murphy found Dead

Posted by memo9 2953 days ago In The News| brittany murphy dead prayer
Actress Brittany Murphy was found dead on Sunday. The 'Clueless' and 'Girl, Interrupted' actress had a heart attack and paramedics were unable to revive her. She was pronounced dead upon arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She was only 32 years old... Read More
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31 Year Old Mum - Lost Touch With God

Posted by kickie 2976 days ago Relationships| mum god prayer
I am 31 years old and a single mum of a precious little boy. I do love god and pray but i seem to have totally lost touch. Read More
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Trapped Man in Nutty Putty Caves Died

Posted by memo9 2977 days ago In The News| nutty putty edwards death prayer
John Edwards Jones, 26, the young man trapped in the crevice at the Nutty Putty Caves in Stansbury park, Utah was killed as rescuers desperately tried to save him, say Utah authorities. Jones was trapped upside down in a crevice that only 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. He was trapped tightly in the middle of one of the narrowest crevices and ... Read More
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Addison family (Mother/Father/2 Children) Found Dead

Posted by memo9 2977 days ago In The News| addison family family death prayer
An Addison family found shot dead in their west suburban home Wednesday. It looks like it was a triple-murder/family suicide. The family was under financial stress after the father recently had lost his job. The mother of the family had also ....
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My husband might go to jail

Posted by Godsprincess 2984 days ago Relationships| domestic violence prayer prayer line
Please PRAY for my husbands healing for self-control, love, compassion. He might go to jail for hitting me for the last 2 years of marriage. Please remember him, to no go to jail but to be released of his insecurity, anger, low-self esteem and to turn his life to God and to love me. He has never loved me, but he married me for the sake of getting married to me, so he used to hit me and call me nas Read More
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Bangladesh reports suspected baby death of flu A/H1N1

Posted by frank909 3002 days ago Children| h1n1 bangladesh infant h1n1 prayer
A ten-month infant is suspected of having died of A/H1N1 flu in Bangladesh's Parbatipur sub-district of Dinajpur district, some 338 km northwest of capital Dhaka.

Please pray for the parents of this infant who are struggling with their loss. Read More
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Posted by Samann62 3005 days ago Health| betsy comma prayer
Betsy is in comma since 29th october. please pray for her to be revived restored to complete health.

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7 year old girl, Somer Thompson, found dead in a Georgia Landfill

Posted by mike 3010 days ago Children| somer thompson mistreated child prayer

On Thursday, after three days of disappearance, Somer Thompson, was found dead in Georgia landfill. The 7 years old child was going to school on Monday when she disappeared. There was a vacant house the Somer Thompson home. Investigators believe that the kidnappers kept her there for three days and after that they killed her and threw on garbage landfill.

Please pray for her family and pray Read More
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