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Indonesia Landslide kills14 people and Buries many More

Posted by frank909 2994 days ago In The News| landslides indonesia prayer request
Torrential rains triggered a series of landslides on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, killing at least 14 people and burying many more.

Please pray that they find the people who were buried in the landslide and for the family's of the dead.

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Virginia Military Institute freshman dies after Marching

Posted by memo9 2995 days ago In The News| vmi death prayer request john evans

A Virginia Military Institute (VMI) freshman, John Alexander, died Saturday after completing a 10-mile road march.

John Alexander Evans was from Howard County and was only 19 years old. He died in his room after the 10-mile training march on Saturday. The exact cause of his death is ... Read More
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husband needs a job in lagos nigeria

Posted by happiness 3000 days ago Career| husband needs a job nigeria prayer request
my husband needs a job in lagos nigeria. please pray for him Read More
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please lord i want him to come back.

Posted by map 3002 days ago Relationships| clifford lyn murray prayer request friend
dear god i did pray everyday ,and night i pray to this person to come back to me ,lord even just a normal friend ,i know you hear my URGENT REQUEST LORD , pls touch CLIFFORD LYN MURRAY, AND I KNOW LORD WHERE EVER HE IS RIGHT NOW PLS HELP ME IN JESUS NAME AMEN . Read More
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Pregnant Chicago Woman Dies Of H1N1 Virus

Posted by frank909 3004 days ago In The News| chicago h1n1 h1n1 death prayer request
A Chicago women, Carrie Brinson, died at age 25 from the H1N1 Virus. She was pregnant at the time.

Please pray for her family and friends who are dealing with the sudden loss of this young girl and her unborn baby. Read More
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IN depression over finances

Posted by Bradc 3009 days ago Money| debt grandfather money eviction prayer request
I need prayer. I am so depressed. I am a divorced father and grandfather. I have some mishap in the past 5 months and it has ruined me financially. At this point, I am at a risk of losing my apt, my car and having my electricity turned off. I can't even afford food most of the time. I work a job but it is to try and get caught up. I never can. I pray so hard and have so much faith and kno Read More
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Posted by prncss6824 3010 days ago Children| heartbreak daughters surgery bi-polar prayer request
Please pray for my 2 daughters. They need help with there lives right now. They are struggling and I'm really afraid for them. My one daughter has had major back surgery and is trying to cope with a life in pain. My oldest has been diagnosed with bi-polar. Her husband has also left her and the kids. Please pray for them. And me for the strength to help them. Read More
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Husband's return home from being incarcerated

Posted by destined2betyegee 3011 days ago Relationships| husband family prison prayer request
My husband and I have been apart for 7 consecutive years for a drug offense he has given up on God. He has been shipped almost to Canada and now he's 4.5 hrs away from home. We've not had a conjugal visit, his priviledges were taken away and he has to max out date of release 7-5-2010.I need prayer for his safety and his sanity he has given up on God he and states in his letter that he thinks God Read More
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11 More Children Dead from Swine Flu

Posted by memo9 3017 days ago Children| h1n1 swine flu prayer request kids
The swine flu is causing an unprecedented amount of illness for this early in the fall, with the deaths of 11 more children reported since Sept 1 in the US.

Please pray the swine flu can be contained so no more children need to die. Read More
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Four More US Soldiers killed in Afgahnistan

Posted by memo9 3018 days ago In The News| prayer request us military deaths
Two US service members were killed and two died of wounds sustained in a single improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan.

Please pray for the safety of the US Military and for the family and friends of the soldiers that were killed. Read More
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