Prayer Requests for cancer

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Healing for Michelle, and we pray that she does not have cancer

Posted by Markus 3002 days ago Health| heavenly father cancer healing
Michelle, my fiance has the possibility that she could have cancer and i would like us to pray for her and pray that God cleanses her and heals her, both spiritually, emotionally and physically... Read More
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Prayer for Wife with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer of soldier stationed in Iraq

Posted by clj 3003 days ago Health| wife cancer mother iraq
(Gary is stationed in Iraq)

My name is Gary Hogman. My wife, Cindy, is 32 years old and has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.

Her chances for survival are very slim.

Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the HEALING
of CINDY HOGMAN and the removal of all cancer from her body, so she may enjoy all that life has to offer, an Read More
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Posted by sarnia2 3005 days ago Health| fibrosis chemotherapy cancer
Please pray for Peggy, my friend's mum, who was diagnosed earlier this year with a tumour in the liver. She has been having chemo and God has been good, in that the last ultra-scan she had it had shrunk dramatically, but still has to finish another course of chemo. S he has five more to go.
She has also been diagnosed with Fibrosis after complaining of shortness of breath.
her daughter has a Read More
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Praying for God's Healing

Posted by SMurray 3005 days ago Health| sick cancer faith healing
Asking for prayer for a small growth that may be skin cancer. Going to my appointment to be tested November 20th, and just praying that the Lord takes this matter into His hands. I'm really scared and need to keep my faith.

Thanks! Read More
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Joe in SF, CA has HIV, HPV cancer and is homeless.

Posted by pearlcollector 3006 days ago Health| hiv cancer homeless
Joe lives in San Francisco, CA. Joe is 47 years old. I know of Joe through my daughter, they were once co-workers. He
has been known to have HIV for a number of years. Here recently, he had boils on his buttocks which began to bleed and could not be stopped. He lost over 4 pints of blood. He has recently been diagnosed with HPV anal cancer and has indicated he does not want treatment for th Read More
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I ask you to pray for my mother, Kathy T. (Age 57).

Posted by AmyT 3008 days ago Health| cancer illness spiritual help faith
My mother has been pronouned terminal with Colon Cancer (2nd bout). Please pray for her healing...physically and spiritually. I pray that the holy spirit reconnects with her heart and brings her through this, whatever the outcome that God has chosen. Read More
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My son has lymph cancer

Posted by jobon 3010 days ago Health| son cancer lymphoma
My son is completing his chemo and is waiting for his final tests
to determine if his treatment was was successful.Please pray for
cure in Jesus name. Thank you.
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My mom's battle with breast cancer

Posted by Lucianokeri 3013 days ago Health| cancer
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a while ago and has undergone chemotherapy and radiation.Her condition is deteriorating and the medical staff no longer want to attend to her. She is very optimistic that she will beat tis as she is a Christian as well. I am trusting God for instantaneous healing upon her just like he healed the woman who suffered infirmity for 18years.I trust the load and Read More
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mother of six in need of prayer warriors

Posted by bclow 3018 days ago Health| cancer stage 3b cervical

please pray for her to have strength and courage and to have some of her pain relieved. and please pray in hopes that god will bless us with a miracle and allow her to overcome this. she is a mother of 6 girls and a grandmother to 10 wonderful kids she is such a wonderful person and is loved so much. she has always been there to help anyone. please help us and pray for our momma Read More
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my mother

Posted by bclow 3019 days ago Health| cancer
about 2 months ago my mother was diagnosed with stage3b cervical cancer before this she had been misdiagnosed with having a uti and had not been for regular female exams when we finally found out why she had been sick it had progressed to this stage the Dr's say she has probably had htis for years and that the tumor is very large and cannot be removed due to arteries which it is attached to and t Read More
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