Prayer Requests for debt

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Posted by bathelraj 3030 days ago Money| debt
Please pray for financial freedom, as I have to pay credit card bills, now there is no income, facing severe financial crunch. I know there is nothing impossible in God. Read More
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Posted by mppillai 3031 days ago Money| debt

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Need prayers for me and my partner!

Posted by joe 3033 days ago Relationships| relationship partner debt job fam love
Hi im joseph,and i have been with my partner for nearly 2 years,we are going though a hard time at the momentt,and we may split up,but i doin't want that to happen.God brough us together,and now satan is trying to split us up.
It was my fault,i took anna for granted,did my own things,lied to her,broke her heart.
Today was a wake up call for me,and i have prayed to god for help,and to change me, Read More
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Financial problems! need help!

Posted by joe 3033 days ago Money| debt
M y name is joseph,and im a born again christian.I was born into a chrisian home.
Im a live-in care full time in a 56 year old woman own home,she has m.s and is in bed all the time,having peg feed though a tube,cain't move,she is near the end,and when she dies,i have to move out.i have looked after her for over 5 years now.
I need prayers and help!
Im in financial difficulties,a Read More
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please help me clear my debts

Posted by binasatapathy 3034 days ago Money| debt
Jesus please bless RN so that he will get a job in dubai as you know how much we are in need of a job as we have to clear our debts. please father help me by sending someone to help us in my problem. i have complete faith on you Jesus and have a hope that very soon i am going to come out of my problem.
Thanks for all you have given till now father. Read More
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loan from cash loan on wednesday

Posted by banyana 3034 days ago Money| debt
Dear lord i lift up my hands to you in prayer, i have recieved my salary on the day that i had requested it on , the problem is the money is not enough as i have to pay others that i owe, i would like to visit a cash loan on wednesday to borrow money to clear the other debts.... please let it work out that i get the money and will be able to repay it month end.. IA m still waiting for a better pa Read More
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need work

Posted by peter 3035 days ago Money| debt
I need to earn money as my wife cannot cope to support me and our two children as my son is not being paid by the people he is working for. Read More
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Relationships unity and love ,etc.

Posted by sbagby2love 3037 days ago Relationships| debt growth commitment peace
Please pray for my friends and family that I love dearly that all of their needs will be met. I have a special request for my friend Dario Garcia and his family that jobs and citizenship will work out in his favor. Healing will take place in his life in every area so he can help others do the same. Read More
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Please Help

Posted by luvbug 3038 days ago Money| debt realationship
Please pray for financial relief. My daughter and I are in jeopardy of eviction and having all the utilities cut off. Please pray that I close a deal today or Monday ( October 30, 2009 or Nov. 2nd 2009 ). Also pray that Nikki and I reconcile. Due to the financial strain we are no longer as one. Also please let God know I am thankful for what I have. Thank you DB Read More
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father from past 5 years i am suffering and facing financial problems.i am having 20 lakhs credit and am very worried

Posted by binasatapathy 3038 days ago Money| debt
Jesus please take me out of my financial problems.I heartily request to please save me by using some miracle.please send someone to save me.I am waiting for your response father please save me Read More
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