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Husband's return home from being incarcerated

Posted by destined2betyegee 3012 days ago Relationships| husband family prison prayer request
My husband and I have been apart for 7 consecutive years for a drug offense he has given up on God. He has been shipped almost to Canada and now he's 4.5 hrs away from home. We've not had a conjugal visit, his priviledges were taken away and he has to max out date of release 7-5-2010.I need prayer for his safety and his sanity he has given up on God he and states in his letter that he thinks God Read More
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I need my life on track

Posted by Desireeneedsprayer 3013 days ago Health| health relationships family
I need prayer for my health Desiree Jaleesa White and my sons health Zyaire Alexander Deloach and my friend Matthew John Levy's health I also need prayer that I will be able to keep my unborn baby and that he or she will be healthy because I had a miscariage in feb 09 and I'm pregnant again and I really need prayer because me and my son are kind of homeless we don't have a set place to stay and I Read More
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Financial security, new job or position and marriege

Posted by mphoketa 3023 days ago Career| debt marriege new job family
I request marriege,new job and financial security. Also for my entire family. Read More
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Alberto Caparros

Posted by jopencaparros 3027 days ago Career| job opportunity family
Thank you for praying for my husband Albert that he will be given opportunity by his bro and friend Danny Espiritu the chance to work with him in his LPG company. This job is important to help the family and to pay some debt s. Thank you for your continuous prayers. Read More
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Please pray for a family that lives near me that got a Divorce

Posted by amazinggrace 3031 days ago Relationships| prayer request divorce family
Please pray for a family that lives near me. The Mom & Dad got divorced because the Dad went to jail. They have two boys that go to my elementary school. Read More
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