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My father's health

Posted by shalin 3016 days ago Health| father health heart ecg irregular
My father, Moses Lazar, hasn't been well of late. I am studying in Romania, and he is in Zambia where he has been admitted from one hospital to another.

From what I know, the Doctors still have to do more tests, but they say that his ECG readings are irregular. His ECG readings have been irregular for quite sometime (since the 70s) and now they say that the irregularities have increased, and i Read More
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please pray for all my family members

Posted by sravani 3019 days ago Relationships| father asthama
my name is maria sravani my father is suffering from please pray for my father so that he can heal father name A.Ramesh.thank you jesus. Read More
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Co-workers Father has Cancer

Posted by mike 3038 days ago Health| cancer father
My co-workers father was diagnosed with bone cancer. Please pray for the doctors, so they will make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Please pray for him to have a full recovery. Read More
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