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kidney transplant, health

Posted by spicevicious 3013 days ago Health| sister-in-law kidney debt health
please pray that kelly gets the kidney she needs and that the resulting debt is manageable. she is a great person who deserves to live a long, happy life.

if you would like to leave her a note of encouragement, please go to: Read More
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for my health to be restored

Posted by robroythemainboy 3014 days ago Health| health
will st therese help me to restore my health and give me the will to live again. Will you also pray for the African children that there be an end to poverty and suffering please st therese and Bernadette pray for a miracle carla Read More
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Please Pray for My father in law...

Posted by BJohns 3023 days ago Health| father in law heart attack health
Dear God...
Dear All...Please make a little pray for my father in law Hans, he is having a surgery today at the heart and he is very ill, he already had two infarts in less then 72 hours.
Please pray for that he can recover his health soonest...
We need him, we love him...
Thanks from my heart on behalf of the family. Read More
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Posted by Jeremy 3025 days ago all| health miracle
I have been very sick for 1 1/2 years and have been through pure torture, and no drug or alternative seems to help, and most of the time I feel like I am dying. I have been attacked everyway possible before and after this. My brain, flesh, and every aspect in life. I need God to heal me and give me supernatural strength as I battle so that I may serve Him. May he send His angels and deliver me an Read More
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Posted by avery08 3025 days ago Relationships| henry and money health
please pray for relationship with henry todd that we can work thing out he is a very sweet person and i want to be with him i watch him a long time and we did get together but thing came between us and i did not trust him and that was my fault so please he give me another chance and pray for my health and money problrm Read More
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for health

Posted by kvkumar 3028 days ago Health| health forwife
Read More
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For my Dad's health and he is being sued unfairly

Posted by shirin 3031 days ago Health| father health court family
I need prayers for my father's health, he is diabetic and is so stressed!! This businessman is suing my dad for £150,000.00GBP. We don't want money, we just dont want to loose our home and have to pay this guy for the rest of our lives. Thanks Read More
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I need to be free of debt

Posted by santina 3033 days ago Money| health
please pray for my husband he is not feeling well I want him get better and he goes to a docter I need your prayers to help him..
Please pray for our business that is grows and more customers come in and we make more money right now we are not making enough to pay for the bills and credit cards Please pray that something will come in for us and bills will be paid the stress is getting to much I Read More
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Healing & Financial Miracle

Posted by pathwithpv 3037 days ago Health| health financial favor
I need a right now miracle, in my health, finances,the favor and wisdom of God.The doctor says I have an incurable skin condition,it has spreaded from the top and inside of my hands to the top and bottom of my feet. There are scars ever-where I have been laid of from work almost 2 yrs.Medical insurance expired, and bills have piled up.I was tithing off my unemployment, now it has run out.I have a Read More
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my mom car and pain

Posted by zackt112 3042 days ago Health| mom health money car house
For my mother. She doesn't have a car or a house because she lost it all due to a disability. I pray that she gets a car and home so I can go back home and live with her. Read More
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