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New Job Required

Posted by tmutore 3002 days ago Career| job
Please pray for Tendai, he needs a new rewarding job as soon as possible. I am disappointed at my current job. My boss does not want to raise my salary. Read More
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Job Interview

Posted by nthabee 3004 days ago Career| job interview
I greet U all, in the name of Jesus Christ our Love and Saviour
My Prayer Request if for a Job that I applied for, I have been invited for an interview on the 28th October at 10h00, I ask that U pray for me to get God's favour as I meet all the requirements for the Job. This is what I have always wanted, and I pray that God will hear my prayer and my pleading! May God grant me this Job in Jesus' Read More
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Superisor with malice, envy, jealous heart

Posted by Eddie 3004 days ago Career| supervisor malice job fired career
My name is Edward. I work with a man that is now a supervisor. He used to do the same work as me. He appears to be a jealous and envious person. He is envious of my wife as compared to his own. He obviously does not like me; the other people that we work with see this. He is now trying to push discipline on me for not doing exactly as he said when he said. The problem that I was to fix. Read More
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for getting job

Posted by twinklejoseph 3004 days ago Career| job
yesterday i attended one interview, please pray for me to LORD Jesus for getting that job Read More
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Please Pray For My Friend Arlyn

Posted by saint419 3012 days ago General| arlyn job
Please pray for my friend Arlyn N. She has been working with us for exactly two years now, however she was recently informed by the District Manager Lou V. that she could be transferred to another store at any time. We feel very sad about this. We don't want Arlyn to go and neither does she want to leave us. Please pray that Lou and his boss Greg C. will change their minds and allow Arlyn to Read More
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A Lot Of People Who Are Really In A Lot Of Problem(s).

Posted by Soul13 3014 days ago General| love job money study health

All the people who are really suffering from a lot of problem(s). Read More
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Job n marriage

Posted by krupakar 3016 days ago General| job marriage
Praise the Lord to the Brothers/Sisters in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am krupakar from Hyderabad, India,
Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for my Spiritual Growth.
2. Pray for my ministry through Gospel Camps in different parts of Andhra Pradesh, India...
3. Pray for me to stand for the Christ…
4. Pray for me to get job in good company, I have applied to Bra Read More
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please pray for me for my job interview which i attend on friday on 9th oct' please pray for me .

Posted by sravani 3019 days ago Career| job
jesus we love you,jesus we praise yoy,jesus we worship you,jesus we thank you. Read More
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Job needed

Posted by chrisanne 3021 days ago Career| job
Please pray that I get a job really soon, as my financial situation is getting a bit worrying. Read More
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Alberto Caparros

Posted by jopencaparros 3022 days ago Career| job opportunity family
Thank you for praying for my husband Albert that he will be given opportunity by his bro and friend Danny Espiritu the chance to work with him in his LPG company. This job is important to help the family and to pay some debt s. Thank you for your continuous prayers. Read More
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