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Posted by Chandre 3002 days ago Relationships| long dictance relationship love
Our Heavenly Father,i humble myself before you as i approach the thone of grace.
I thank you for everything you have done for me.
I uplift my relationship to you Lord.Lord you know my citcumstances and i need you to heal
our relationship.Lord give me strength.Lord help me please.
Thank you. Read More
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Prayer for healin of a relationship...

Posted by mprime 3004 days ago Relationships| love forgiveness loneliness
Please pray that my former friend and I can reconcile. I miss her and still love her. Please pray that we can get back together and she will forget about what happened. Thank You Read More
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A Lot Of People Who Are Really In A Lot Of Problem(s).

Posted by Soul13 3014 days ago General| love job money study health

All the people who are really suffering from a lot of problem(s). Read More
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marriage breaking up

Posted by masimba 3021 days ago Relationships| marriage love forgiveness
my wife says she no longer loves me coz of what l did , l asked for her forgiveness but seems she wont hear me , seems she has somebody already because the way she is behaving is just so full of hurt. l have proved to her about what she thinks but she refuses -- l love her and l want to spend the rest of my life with her . l need your prayers that god may bless me with my loving wife l need her in Read More
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Pray for beloved

Posted by uma 3022 days ago Relationships| love relationship marraige
i and rahul we loved each other but there is so many obstruction in our marriage i pray to remove that obstruction thats priya . all problem should remove or go out from our life in the name of jisus we will together forever amen Read More
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Love life

Posted by zzz 3025 days ago Relationships| love
Please pray for/with me that my boyfriend commits himself to me. I love him.May God draw him closer to me for our new love. I need to settle down with him. I need peace in my heart. Read More
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Requesting Prayer for my Wife Susan

Posted by vthomas 3027 days ago Health| wife prayer request pray love
With heavy heart I am requesting for a prayer for my wife Susan 31yrs. She is continuously complaining of blur vision and headache for which I showed many good ophthalmologists but according to them the eye is perfectly ok. then I consulted an Physician who recommended for a CT Scan which was done on Sunday. Read More
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