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Fake Bus Driver Attempts to Abduct Children

Posted by memo9 3015 days ago Children| fake bus driver prayer request kids
Earlier today, a fake bus driver attempted to abduct several young kids. The Willow River Elementary School kids were waiting for the morning bus to take them to school when a grey-haired woman driving a short, plain yellow bus stopped.

Please pray that the police can catch this woman. Read More
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Family injured by rock fall (Parents in serious condition)

Posted by frank909 3021 days ago Children| family injured prayer request

Two parents were seriously injured when they and their young children (ages 7 & 8) were struck by a rock fall at a popular south coast beach (Jurassic Coast).

The mother, who has not been named, had to be airlifted by helicopter immediately after suffering serious multiple injuries to her spine and hip. The father suffered severe head injuries and their children had also been struck by debris Read More
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Please pray for a family that lives near me that got a Divorce

Posted by amazinggrace 3028 days ago Relationships| prayer request divorce family
Please pray for a family that lives near me. The Mom & Dad got divorced because the Dad went to jail. They have two boys that go to my elementary school. Read More
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Requesting Prayer for my Wife Susan

Posted by vthomas 3029 days ago Health| wife prayer request pray love
With heavy heart I am requesting for a prayer for my wife Susan 31yrs. She is continuously complaining of blur vision and headache for which I showed many good ophthalmologists but according to them the eye is perfectly ok. then I consulted an Physician who recommended for a CT Scan which was done on Sunday. Read More
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I'm a single mom and need a job. Please pray for me.

Posted by singlemom 3029 days ago Career| mom job prayer request prayers
im a single mother who just lost her job. i missed too many days because my child was always getting sick, i never knew why untill i moved out of my apt and found mold under my kitchen sink. now ive moved. im trying to get my ged and find a good job. will someone please pray for me to pass the test so i can get a good paying job. Read More
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Pray that we reconcile - My ex been gone for over a year

Posted by jenn400 3029 days ago Relationships| prayer request marriage reconciliation
i pray we reconcile. My ex has been gone for a yr & a half. we did not have children. we were married 9 yrs. his whole family lives here & he has all their support. i have no one here. it is so hard & lonely. my ex's pride is standing in the way. we both love each other. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings Read More
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