Prayer Requests for cancer

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Dwayne Coleman

Posted by karen 3021 days ago Health| cancer son
My son has just been diagnosed with cancer for the 4th time. We have endured many complications such as fistulas, kidney issues, blood clots, etc..He is currently in the hospital in PA with complications from his previous surgery. WE need all the prayers we can get. He is married with 4 children ages 19-10 and a grandson. WE pray that God will heal him completely and that he can live a long life. Read More
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cancerous tumor

Posted by Mikaela 3024 days ago Health| cancer grand father pancreas
If this story touches anyone in a personal way please help me and my family by taking a few minutes to pray for my grandpa. His name is George and he is in the hospital in port alberni but is being sent down to victoria on friday for serious treatment. He was diagnosed with cancer last week, he has a tumor on his pancreas which is very dangerous to remove and his body is filling with poisonous bi Read More
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Susan Buccowich fighting brain cancer

Posted by m2a 3032 days ago Health| chemo cancer glioblastoma brain
Please pray for Susan Buccowich in her fight with Glioblastoma brain cancer. She is on her third round of chemotherapy and needs all our prayers and thoughts. Read More
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15 Prayers Pray!

Co-workers Father has Cancer

Posted by mike 3040 days ago Health| cancer father
My co-workers father was diagnosed with bone cancer. Please pray for the doctors, so they will make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Please pray for him to have a full recovery. Read More
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Brother in Law, 42yo has colon cancer.

Posted by mike 3040 days ago Health| cancer health
Brother in Law, 42yo has colon cancer. Starting 5 weeks of 5x/week chemo/radiation. Please pray for a swift and full recovery. Read More
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