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My 35 year old brother, father of 3, diagnosed with cancer

Posted by capri0405 2945 days ago Health| father brother cancer
My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is still undergoing tests to determine what kind of cancer it is. So far, he has had multiple xrays, ultrasound, CT scan, liver biopsy, two MRIs, blood work, colonscopy, two endoscopes-one with u/s. He is scheduled to have a stint put in and another biopsy, this one of his gallbladder and lymph nodes. Please pray for an aggressive treatment pl Read More
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Pray for my family.....

Posted by salti 2958 days ago General| brother
"Please pray for brother who is an alcoholic.He has been hospitalized off and on for the same.We have tried all means and ways, and I know that it is only the power of God that can cure him and that it is only Him who can deliver him from all temptations and ward off old habits.I am too burdened with thoughts about him that I decided to ask your help to pray for him." Read More
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kidney problem

Posted by mmuthu78 2993 days ago Health| brother
Praise the lord pastor,i m muthu from virudhunagar(TN),one of my brother M.Pothumuthu(M.COM,M.Phil-28years old-unmarried)is having kidney problem,we are taking treatment also,but in my all family members are believing jesus only,i dont have father,he expired 18years before,i saw your website,it was vey nice,please pray for my brother pothumuthu should get recover from his kidney problem very soon Read More
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Please Pray for OLADEJI,Babatunde Francis and his family in Houston Texas U.S.A that there shall not be any downtime

Posted by olawunmi 3023 days ago Career| brother
Please pray for my Brother OLADEJI, Babatunde Francis and his family that there shall not be any downtime /disappointment in his life , career and endeavours Read More
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