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Need a Miracle for 8 year old Elle - Time is running out

Posted by mike 2658 days ago Children| elle cancer prayer miracle

A friend has an 8 year old daughter named Elle who has been battling a brain tumor for the past three years. Unfortunately, they recently received news that the brain tumor has become very aggressive. There are few options left and it looks like Elle will not be with us much longer.

Please pray for Elle to have strength during this time and for a Miracle. God loves to do the impossible... Read More
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please pray for my mother she is sick cancer. pleas people. i believe that prayer will help for my mother! thank you!

Posted by makc 2729 days ago Health| cancer
please pray for my mother she is sick cancer. pleas people. i believe that prayer will help for my mother! thank you! Read More
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Homer Erickson in need of cancer healing

Posted by karenjed 2758 days ago Health| father cancer fireman
My father is going through chemo and radiation for his cancer. He is a retired fireman and has always been very healthy. Now He is very ill.

Please pray for Homer Erickson from Hemet Ca for his cancer to go into remission- or better yet if it can just be cured so he can be healthy again. Please pray for his healing. Thank you Read More
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my daughter is dying

Posted by rhinoplanet 2777 days ago Children| daughter cancer
Pray that my daughter's bleeding of the brain stops, that she awakens,
and cure her leukemia.
God bless you,
robert Read More
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My mother..

Posted by ryokobunny88 2868 days ago Health| cancer mother family jesus god
My mother has been diagnosed what might be lung cancer, she has a mass in her lungs that will require surgery. She is my world, please pray for her. Read More
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my dad has bone cancer and is dying' i have bone dieseas all over my skelton and i just found out my 12 year old cancer

Posted by kathy256 2924 days ago Health| father cancer grandson cancer me
my dad has bone cancer and dying I have bone deaseas all over my skelton I just found out my 12 year old grandson might have brain cancer please everybody pray for us Read More
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Peter is having cancer removed from a lung

Posted by sharksnax 2925 days ago all| cancer
Please pray for Peter who is undergoing surgery for removal of cancer to a lung. We pray all goes well with the operation and the recovery. Thank you it would be greatly appreciated Read More
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Cormac Jones 12years old has inopperable Brain Tumour

Posted by Kerry 2939 days ago Children| child cancer
Cormac needs all your love and prayers to help him survive the Brain Tumour threatening his life! He is a 12 year old boy with a gift for music, cricket and academic brilliance! Cormac is in Hospital, and needs our love and prayers so we can create the miracle he needs. Please, please with your conviction of belief we can make a difference in Cormac's Life force! Thank you, we are so grateful to Read More
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Please pray for Fern Bougeno

Posted by cbougeno 2972 days ago Health| mother-in-law cancer
Please pray. We just found out today that my mother-in-law has acute lymphocytic leukemia & only has a week, two at the most to be here with us :o( VERY, VERY difficult day. She is taking it very rough as we all are. My husband is torn to pieces. Please keep the family in your thoughts during this horrific time...She is so, so sad. It is so heartbreaking to know her time here
is so limited and Read More
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My 35 year old brother, father of 3, diagnosed with cancer

Posted by capri0405 2975 days ago Health| father brother cancer
My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is still undergoing tests to determine what kind of cancer it is. So far, he has had multiple xrays, ultrasound, CT scan, liver biopsy, two MRIs, blood work, colonscopy, two endoscopes-one with u/s. He is scheduled to have a stint put in and another biopsy, this one of his gallbladder and lymph nodes. Please pray for an aggressive treatment pl Read More
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