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My Black young Kitty boy Panther NEEDS prayers

Posted by HeidiHelene 2687 days ago Health| cat health

My BELOVED young Panther kitty boy - black 6 year old OSH/X is up at Davis Veterinary university and so far they cannot help him to pee.

Tuesday tomorrow, they are scoping his urinary parts to see if they find a tumor or ? that is preventing him from peeeing.,

PLEASE PRAY he does NOT have a tumor and that they find WHAT is wrong and CURE HIM! WE miss him so desperately and NEED him back ho Read More
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Please pray for my cat, that he makes it through

Posted by aaronbd 2937 days ago Pets| cat pet
Please pray for my cat Dexter, he was playing with some thread and he swallowed the sewing needle. The emergency vet wanted $2000 to remove it and I am unemployed. Lost my house, my job, and pretty much most of the things going for me in my life. I am doing ok living with my parents but he is the only thing I have left and I pray that I don't loose him. Thank you, and God bless! Read More
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