Prayer Requests for depression

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Posted by sharongeorge 2656 days ago Relationships| depression family
Please pray for my son who has sucken into depression and ask the lord to help him .My sister also has suicide tenancies and needs prayers.
Please pray for them both as it pains the whole family to see them suffer like this
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i'm suicidal. i need guidance

Posted by esafe11 2933 days ago General| suicide direction life depression
all i can think about is wanting to kill myself. i don't know what to do. i lack direction. please pray that God gives me direction in what to do with life/where i should be and what i should be doing. Read More
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Husband Unemployed

Posted by lytlebf 2993 days ago Career| husband job depression
Please pray for my husband that he will find a job soon. Pray that he will not remain depressed. Read More
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Posted by sharcon 3008 days ago Health| depression
please pray for me that i will not give into temptation again from today i need inner strength that i will follow Jesus and not break his commands i never want to drink again and i pray foe the strength from God to do what is right in his eyes i have fallen short many times but i do not want to let him down again i ask you to pray that i can move forward from this place and not give into tempt io Read More
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Husband will find Job

Posted by lytlebf 3014 days ago Career| husband job depression
Please that my husband will find a job soon. Please pray that it will be close to the place that we live. Pray for him that even when he puts up a good front he seems a little depressed. Pray that we will continue to seek god.
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Posted by shawn34 3031 days ago Career| depression
I'm Shawn and I live in California. I'm unemployed here, and I'm feeling severely depressed. Although, it's not because of the lack of employment that I feel bad, but because of the disparaging words friends and family have said to me. They make me feel worthless. Please pray for me... I can't go on like this anymore Read More
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Prayer Request for my Sister

Posted by dibya11 3032 days ago Health| sister depression
Please pray for my sister Susmita. She is under severe mental depression due to a personal tragedy. She is totally troubled, she has become withdrawn from other family members and has almost stopped talking even with our parents with whom she is living. Her state can be best described as a living dead, it is that severe. We are getting very much afraid with her condition. Please, please help her. Read More
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