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Please Pray For Robin

Posted by cirrus1965 2714 days ago Career| teachers employment work education
After 18 months, Robin, a computer science teacher, finally had a promising interview today. Please pray that the administrators look on him favorably and offer him a position with the school.
God Bless Read More
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Posted by magenta 2898 days ago Money| employment finances
Dear Lord, I need to find a job in my field in the next 2 weeks or I will lose my car and will be evicted from my home. I have no where to turn to if this scenario plays out. I don't like to sound desperate but, please Lord, I need to find a job and soon. I've been unemployed for 2 months and I have no more money to pay for bills and rent. I pray that I have a job interview with a company in Read More
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Employment for my husband Darryl Wilkinson

Posted by Shannon 3017 days ago General| employment
My husband Darryl has been unemployed since the end of July, we are three months behind on our bond and this is the last month our insurance will be paying for our car. Please hold the Wilkinson family up in prayer that Darryl finds a good job where we are blessed abundantly as even though my husband has always worked we have always struggled to get through the month. I ask this in Jesus name Read More
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Posted by skeewee01908 3025 days ago Money| child single parent help employment
Please pray for my child & I. I'm a single mother. I do not receive any support from my ex husband. I'm struggling to keep food on the table & pay my rent. Please Lord, I have put all my Faith in you. Please Help me find means to pay my rent & Feed My Child. Please help me find employment as well Lord. I feel like giving up, I'm so depressed. Please God, hear my prayer. Read More
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