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Dexia proclaimed scraps of 602 employees in Europe.

Posted by robertzertovcki92 2935 days ago In The News| market euro euros
Of advent cuts jobs for Dexia, which announces the decrease of 602 jobs over the next two years that are additional to previous plans to reduce employee in 2009. Read More
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5 Prayers Pray!

A swindler receives a credit in your name, and discover only after 6 months.

Posted by robertzertovcki92 2958 days ago In The News| bank euro invest finances loan
It takes at the average more than 200 days before he realized the of identity stealing and may be 580 if the swindler has activated a credit card with data of others. Read More
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The alliance of big retail dealers Coin King.

Posted by robertzertovcki92 2962 days ago In The News| retailers finances coin king euro
Excellent day for the retail department of the Italian Gruppo Coin because of an increase of 3.56% to 17.15 euros. Read More
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