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Pray for Stacey, Pray for our Marriage

Posted by charliet 2809 days ago Relationships| love marriage grace hope faith
Please pray to God to soften Stacey's heart and to re-ignite the passion, love, and desire between she and I. Please ask God to fill us with his grace, faith, and love. Please ask God to watch over us and ensure we rebuild the marital bond we took in his name. Read More
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Restoration of faith

Posted by linbut 2934 days ago Health| anxiety faith
I have been suffering from anxiety for a long time and I have sought and am now receiving help from the health service. However my faith in God has virtually disappeared, I feel lost and abandoned. I feel unable to share my condition and lack of faith with my own christian community because I think they would treat me differently if they knew. Read More
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Business, faith, relationship,debt

Posted by JustKevin 2998 days ago General| debt business faith marriage
Please pray for me that God gives me the wisdom to effectively and profitably run my business. May he give me the courage and wisdom to make the decisions that are best. May God soften the heart of my wife so we can have the loving relationship we both deserve and may he give me the patience and understanding she deserves. May God also open my heart to him full time, not just when I am having cha Read More
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Praying for God's Healing

Posted by SMurray 3041 days ago Health| sick cancer faith healing
Asking for prayer for a small growth that may be skin cancer. Going to my appointment to be tested November 20th, and just praying that the Lord takes this matter into His hands. I'm really scared and need to keep my faith.

Thanks! Read More
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I ask you to pray for my mother, Kathy T. (Age 57).

Posted by AmyT 3043 days ago Health| cancer illness spiritual help faith
My mother has been pronouned terminal with Colon Cancer (2nd bout). Please pray for her healing...physically and spiritually. I pray that the holy spirit reconnects with her heart and brings her through this, whatever the outcome that God has chosen. Read More
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