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help with tormenting spirit

Posted by jamesduran 2218 days ago Health| father spirit evil unclean tormenting
hello, i have a tormenting unclean spirit inside me for quite some time and i dont know what to do - can you please help me out!

james edward gerard fox Read More
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Please Pray for my Dad - Bacterial Meningitis

Posted by mike 2742 days ago Health| father bacterial meningitis prayer
My father, Robert, has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He was on a return flight to VA from Oregon when he was found to be unresponsive at a flight change in Denver. He has been admitted into the ICU. Please pray for my father to survive meningitis without any long term effects and for God to bless the doctors and decision makers with wisdom, discernment, knowledge and understanding. Read More
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Homer Erickson in need of cancer healing

Posted by karenjed 2758 days ago Health| father cancer fireman
My father is going through chemo and radiation for his cancer. He is a retired fireman and has always been very healthy. Now He is very ill.

Please pray for Homer Erickson from Hemet Ca for his cancer to go into remission- or better yet if it can just be cured so he can be healthy again. Please pray for his healing. Thank you Read More
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Healing for Miguel

Posted by Miguel 2803 days ago Health| father death melancholy feelings
Please pray that I may be free from melancholy as I approach the first anniversary of my father's death. Read More
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my dad has bone cancer and is dying' i have bone dieseas all over my skelton and i just found out my 12 year old cancer

Posted by kathy256 2924 days ago Health| father cancer grandson cancer me
my dad has bone cancer and dying I have bone deaseas all over my skelton I just found out my 12 year old grandson might have brain cancer please everybody pray for us Read More
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Prayer for Father's sickness

Posted by rainzero2035 2939 days ago Health| father health diabetes
pls pray for my father who has been suffered from diabetes, the blood sugar still fluctuating even though a high dosage of medicine has no effect at all. pls pray for him and be healed, as i believed MIRACLE is now the answer. Read More
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Posted by naejcml 2964 days ago Money| husband father mother kids
for my marriage to be restored,that JESUS will touch my father and mother to support me financially and to buy the house they promise me,one here on bacolod and one in manila, for the cornea on my son matthew to be hea

aurora s.gonzaga Read More
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My 35 year old brother, father of 3, diagnosed with cancer

Posted by capri0405 2975 days ago Health| father brother cancer
My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is still undergoing tests to determine what kind of cancer it is. So far, he has had multiple xrays, ultrasound, CT scan, liver biopsy, two MRIs, blood work, colonscopy, two endoscopes-one with u/s. He is scheduled to have a stint put in and another biopsy, this one of his gallbladder and lymph nodes. Please pray for an aggressive treatment pl Read More
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depressed man gunned down by police

Posted by rhondaivey 2985 days ago Health| shot father critical condition
Lenny Hodge was gunned down by police he is in critical condition. He placed a 911 call saying he wanted police to kill him. They shot him near his heart and in his liver. please pray Read More
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Please pray for work circumstances

Posted by Maryka 2989 days ago Career| father
Please help my pray for my father for either a better work offer or better work circumstances. Working long hours at very little income and he is struggling to copy.. thank you and God bless... Read More
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