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Flooding in Laredo, Texas

Posted by m2a 3029 days ago In The News| flood laredo texas
Due to heavy rain the past few days, there have been rising floodwaters that have trapped motorists and caused evacuations. So far there have not been any casualties, but some homes and businesses have been forced to close. Please pray for the safety of the people of that area. Read More
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6 Prayers Pray!

Samoan Tsunami death toll up to 119

Posted by m2a 3030 days ago In The News| samoa tsunami earthquake samoan flood
The tsunami caused by a 8.0+ magnitude earthquake in the Samoan Islands has killed at least 119 people. Please pray for the victims, their families and the rescue workers. Read More
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Philippines tropical storm hit - 106 dead / missing

Posted by clj 3033 days ago In The News| philippines flood storm

At least 83 people were killed and dozens are still missing after a tropical storm swept through the northern Philippines over the weekend. Please pray that the missing are found, and that the city can recover. Please also pray for the friends and family of the victims. Read More
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