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Posted by skeewee01908 3022 days ago Money| mom dad child rent urgent food lightb
DEAR Father GOD...Please Help me Pay my Rent & Light Bill & Feed my Child 2day. You know my situation. I feel I no longer want to live. Please touch my Parents heart & have them Help me Today with Rent & Food & Light Bill. I'm Putting it in your HANDS LORD & only Asking for what I NEED. I've been Praying & I ask for your Prayers. I'm out of options & I'm afraid. Read More
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7 Prayers Pray!

Assistance in Paying for Rent & Food. To find Employment

Posted by skeewee01908 3022 days ago Money| mom dad rent money food daughter
Dearest Father GOD, today is the Deadline to Pay my Rent. Please Help me pay my Rent, Lightbill & for Food for my Child. Please GOD touch my Parents Hearts & have them help me with my Rent, Food & Light Bill. Lord, I've humbled myself to you and only asked for what I need. I ask for your prayers in this matter as I'm putting this in GODs hands.

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Jesus help me to have Financial Stability, Growth, Business success

Posted by Rosetta 3046 days ago Money| money business food work
Dear Jesus,
Please open doors for my business and money to grow. Jesus send people to help me to have 1000 of customers and reaching nations.
Provide for me today, so that I can have an income and help my son, mother and family. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus Name Amen Read More
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