Prayer Requests for heart attack

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Prayer for Roland Timbol

Posted by suzy 2843 days ago Health| roland timbol heart attack dialysis
Please begin praying immediately for the health and recovery of Sir Roland Timbol. He suffered a massive heart attack and he is on ICU for dialysis. Read More
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Please pray for Kelly, my friend's mom

Posted by nem890 2898 days ago Health| mom heart attack
My friend's mom had a heart attack and the doctors say that they don't know if she will make it through today. Please pray for her and her family! Thank you Read More
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5 Prayers Pray!

Please Pray for My father in law...

Posted by BJohns 3024 days ago Health| father in law heart attack health
Dear God...
Dear All...Please make a little pray for my father in law Hans, he is having a surgery today at the heart and he is very ill, he already had two infarts in less then 72 hours.
Please pray for that he can recover his health soonest...
We need him, we love him...
Thanks from my heart on behalf of the family. Read More
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